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Talk about swagg on high!!!. Snoop was looking tooo fly, and everyone else had thier G - Pass on deck.
Miss the good ol hip-hop days...............


A company called Swype has developed a new technology that allows you to text without lifting a single finger. All you do is swipe from letter to letter and the software automatically determines what you’re typing. Verizon is releasing the first phone with this technology, the Omnia II on December 2nd…

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I might just have to try this swype texting thing, looks kinda cool.

Jamix Ft.Terry G, 9ice, & MI – Omo Naija, R Kelly - Pregnant Ft. Tyrese, Robin Thicke & The Dream(Remix), Lami ft M.I – Know,T.I. - Let Em Talk

Rihanna's Interview With Angie Martinez on NYC's Hot 97

Rihanna had a pretty good interview with Angie Martinez of NYC Radio Station Hot97.

Here are some excerpts from the interview...

On the pics of her grabbing boobs online:
There are tons of those pictures. I grab boobies all the time, I’m obessesed. I don’t have much so anytime I see a good rack I’m like “wow, I wish mine looked and felt like that”. Women are beautiful. I’m not into them but they are hot.

On her nude photos leaking:
Which ones? The hot ones? They should be hot, they were for my boyfriend at the time. If you don’t send your boyfriend naked pictures then I feel bad for him. Trust me I was [freaked out], that was the worst thing that could possibly ever happen to me. I just feel like my privacy was taken before that and then when that came out I was like “Oh great! So, Now there is nothing they don’t know about my private life”. It was humiliating and embarrassing, especially my mom having to see that and it was two days before Mother’s Day so I was nervous…

Listen to the interview to hear more....Enjoy

Ben Stiller And Jay-Z @ Opening Of ‘FELA’ On Broadway!

The Herby Lawls Hooded Sweater Men's Sweatshirt By LRG

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Your thoughts on this V-neck hoody please!!!

Porsche 911 Turbo 9F Speed 9

A Porsche is special enough for most, but for those looking for a bit more, there is no shortage of German tuners that specialize in Zuffenhausen's finest who'll be glad to bring it to the next level. Arguably foremost among them is 9ff, the relatively new outfit that made its mark with the record-breaking GT9.

With the Essen aftermarket tuner show coming up next weekend, 9ff has prepared the new Speed9. Based on the latest 911 Turbo convertible, the Speed9 sacrifices its rear seats for a slick profile evocative of the iconic 1955 Porsche 356 Speedster, with enough ground effects to match. Naturally 9ff hasn't stopped at looks alone, boosting the twin-turbo engine up from 473 horsepower to a shocking 650. No official word on price or performance, but you can expect both to exceed expectations.

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I've always said it takes a special type of person to own a Porsche..............

New York Film Academy holds training for Nigerian filmmakers

The New York Film Academy will be holding a two-month intensive training course scheduled to hold in Lagos and Abuja between January and February of 2010. The organisers of the event, Del-York International, said the training is a sure path at arriving at the prevalence of highly skilled filmmakers in the country.

Managing Director of Del-York International, Mr. Linus Idahosa, said the New York Film Academy is the best and most prestigious film making academy in the world.

According to Mr. Idahosa, the New York Film Academy is licensed by the Education Department of New York State and accredited by the National Association of Schools of Arts and Design (NASAD).

"This Academy stands out as the most preferred training ground by top Hollywood actors, actresses and directors such as Steven Spielberg; Susan Sarandon; and Kevin Kline. NASAD is the only accrediting body for visual art programmes recognised by the US Department of Education."

He also said the relevance of the media to the growth of a vibrant film industry is as close as the connection between indigenous human capital development and national economic advancement.

"The film industry is a cornerstone of the prosperity and growth of the world's leading economies. In the UK, the industry generates about £1.6 billion to the British Exchequer and employs 67,000 directly and a similar number indirectly. In the US, it generates a surplus of $9.5 billion from the global sale of American movies, aside from it employing over 1.3 million people."

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Go Inside The eBay Pop-Up Store In New York City

The eBay pop up store is located next to Bergdorf Goodman on 57th street. Though the company is known as an online bid-to-purchase store the “buy it now” button is becoming used more prompting eBay to sell items in retail stores. Alan Marks from eBay had this to say:

“We have seen our business stabilize this year. Sold items on the site are up. Consumers are trading down a little bit, as people look for value and bargains. And that’s what eBay sellers offer. You get great deals on eBay with an incredible selection of products.”

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Getting married because a baby is on the way

Before I start, I want to say that this is in no way, shape, or form intended to attack or pass judgment on anyone for their choices, and decisions in life. I respect everyone's choice, and decision to do what they think is best for them in their lives. Me sef I never marry, so I don't know what might happen in my future.

Ok, I've said that... now let's get to gist of the post.

Chinedu was toasting Bola just to play around, and was not looking for anything serious or long term. After some serious chasing, endless dates, and late night caking, Bola eventually allows Chinedu to "enter the place"...lol. Well, the day she agreed, my guy didn't have a condom with him cos Bola had been doing shakara for so long that he really didn't think it will ever happen. Of course this golden opportunity was not going to be passed up for any reason... Lai Lai o. Today nah today... It must happen this night...lol. Bola trusted Chinedu was disease-free (big assumption), and he felt the same way about her, so my guy decided to enter the river with no clothes on, and swim like that was the last river he'll ever swim in. Fast forward a couple of weeks, and Chinedu was sleeping when he got the late text... that "I think I'm late" text. Chei... Yawa don gas o. What to do... and Bola nah pastor pikin, and her father doesn't even play that at all. Abortion is not an option, so what next? Marriage?

Let's not fool ourselves. Couples getting married because a child is on the way is not anything new, or a new trend going on in our generation. Some of our parents either got married, or accelerated their wedding process because of an unplanned pregnancy. In Nigeria, and Africa in general, due to our "High Moral Standards", it is frowned upon to even think about having children outside of wedlock, so if you carry belle`, or you drop your seed in someone then you better be ready to spend your life with this person. Sometimes it works out for the best, and other times it's down right disastrous.

In a couple of cases I know, the couple were in a long steady relationship that was headed for marriage already and so they just said... "hey, why not?", and it ended up working for them, but in some other cases the couple barely had a relationship going, and with time began to resent each other, blame themselves for making such a rash decision, and in some extreme cases look at the child as the one that started the whole fiasco.

So here's the question. Guys, will you get married to a girl you got pregnant for the sake of the baby? Girls, would you want to get married to a guy just because he got you pregnant?

All this is assuming there is no abortion, or rape and the couple (most times the woman) has decided to keep the baby.

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Lady Gaga & Rodney Jerkins Create “Telephone” In The Studio…

Some cool behind the scenes footage of the making of “Telephone” feat. Beyonce on Lady Gaga’s new album ''Fame Monster.''



Virtual Wall is an innovative device that makes it safer for pedestrians to cross the road by projecting laser images when the red traffic light is on.

Designed by Hanyoung Lee, the goal is to heighten driver and pedestrian awareness and to encourage both to follow the crosswalk rules

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Omo mehn technology dey o..................

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009


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Lol, lol, lmao for real.................................

NEW MUSIC/VIDEOS: Tito Da Fire – Oyin Momo (Sweet Honey), Fabolous - Imma Do It, Show Dem Camp ft Tajie – Tell Me Nothing, Kelis - Acapella

Tito Da Fire – Oyin Momo (Sweet Honey)


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