Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dwight Howard Enters the Guiness Book Of World Records

So DH enters the Guiness Book Of World Records with this one of a kind hald court shot..I mean this dude is not human lol......

“We Are The World 25″ Haiti Benefit Video!

I got the chills when I first saw this video...breathtaking, amazing, trully profilic..

Artwork For Manish Law's new single ''Sing Along Song''

What you guys think about the artwork, I personally love it, check out the lyrics in the background....leave your comments and download the single @

NEW MUSIC/VIDEOS: Tolumide – My Love (Video), Erykah Badu ft. Lil Wayne - Jump Up In The Air (Stay There) Video

It does not matter what I look like… I am a man plus the rebuttal (Women's Version)

Ladies that phrase completely annoys me! Have you ever met a man who is in his thirties and is so out of shape, both physically and all and has a requirement for a partner, spouse whatever. Ehm “She must be slim and have a flat stomach.” And the lists of requirements go on. Whereas him the man is fat, with a big stomach and has not seen his you know what in God knows how many years!

Sorry, if I can take the time to spend an hour everyday at the gym to make sure that I maintain my figure, why would you think I would want to look at a man that is completely out of shape? Or another one is a married man that constantly nags his wife about how she looks after she has given him 4 children. Him on the other hand does not look anything like he did when you initially got married. For one he has lost all his hair and is trying to hold on to the last few strands, and all the years of his wife’s great cooking has finally paid off for him because he no longer looks like a shrimp they rescued from Warri waterside. He has the mid age pot belly. But she the wife still takes him for who he is?

Ladies, guys, what do you all think?

The Rebuttal (Woman's version)

She brings up some valid points about staying in shape. Not only is it physically appealing to your mate but also imperative for health reasons. She makes a point about men demanding their babe stay in the gym, while they themselves shack a crate of small stout every night. Unfortunately her argument is invalid on a couple of counts.

First of all, most women will admit that men are more visual creatures than women. When a man meets a woman at the club he normally says something to the tune of "look at that dime over there". As opposed to when a woman meets a guy, she normally say something like "we had great conversation and he has a great smile". There is no doubt that a woman is somewhat stimulated by a man’s appearance but it is not paramount in the decision to engage the guy. Most men will only approach a woman that they are attracted to. So when a guy starts to date a girl, he starts with physical attraction and then digs deeper into the other attributes. A woman does the opposite. So it is should be natural that when both man and woman start to gain weight, it is more imperative for the woman to lose weight. Women are attracted to our personality first, so as long as we keep our behaviors and character the same then nsobgu adiro (No problem).

What was your bait when you caught him? Was it not your booty looking amazing in those jeans or your twins hanging out for fresh air in that tank top? Now you want him to all of a sudden forget what you used to catch him and focus on your personality? Does not make sense.

In my humble opinion it is really important that a woman maintains her shape as much as possible. Since you guys regard Ms. Beyonce Knowles as the leader of the “I am woman movement” you should follow her advice in the song “Cater to you”. There is a line in the song that goes something like “Keep my figure right, so I can be the same chic you fell in love with”. This song should in fact be every woman’s theme song, but that’s a different subject.

Nothing is more annoying than talking to a babe and she informs you that she does not work out because she does not like to sweat. I sit back and shake my head because after child birth she is in trouble. Women blame men and say that we have big belly after marriage; keep in mind that this is the same woman who has now abandoned the freak’um dress for the wrapper. No more rocking the seven jeans cause she has traded those in for mom jeans.

Fellas what y'll think??


Booze Belt

Cool belt insures a constant supply of brew right at your fingertips.

Lol...Is this even necessary..............

Miss Apple Bottom 2010

Name: Anna Perret

Age: 18 years

Place: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

She definitely got the whole physical package lol!!!!!!!
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