Thursday, February 4, 2010

NEW MUSIC/VIDEOS: K-Solo ft Timaya - Leave Am For God, Young Jeezy - The Takeover (Ft. Bigga Rankin)

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Lil Wayne Rebirth Album Commercial

Dating at the Work Place

Can a sista just clock in on time, do more than is expected for 8 hours so I don’t get called out, and then be out the back door exactly 5 minutes after the boss leaves? Dang! Why do brothas feel like they HAVE to holla at the only sista on the job? I won’t be so full of myself to think I’m that fine. It has to be the fresh breath of apple bottom amidst all the syrup -less pancakes. It’s even more hilarious to watch a brotha mack you down with his best pimp talk, LL lick ya lips look, Tyrone in tha h-h –house game that is oh so common in any of our hoods, then as soon as Mr. Manager calls his name, he morphs into Pee Wee Herman “ Uh…uh... yes Mr. Rosen, those TPS report are coming right your way buddy” . Damn shame the mask we wear.

How many sistas out there feel me? EVERY SINGLE black male whether they're married or not, wants to come over to your cubicle and talk about the 'black shows' on TV, or catch up with you when you're on your way to lunch or has some inappropriate thing to say when you're alone in an elevator, but NEVER when those 'other folk' are around??? Somebody holla if you hear me...


lol, crazy....but this is kinds true though. Dating a work associate will always end up messy, so I always advice against it eventhough I know alot of dudes who don't feel the same way though.

Behind the scenes with Nigerian/American RnB Singer Meaku at his ''She Like'' Music Video Shoot feat. Glasses Malone, Kel Mitchell, and Spiftiya.

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