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Allen Iverson(as a Sixer) - Heart of a Lion

Allen Iverson with the greatest ''Michael Jordan'' at NBA All Star game

Allen Iverson steps over a confused Tyron Lue (Sixers vs Lakers NBA Finals 2001)

Allen Iverson and Coach Larry Brown

Allen Iverson at PRACTICE
Allen Iverson cuts off his infamous cornrows

Allen Iverson celebrating a shot

Allen Iverson goes up against SHAQ

Allen Iverson as a Denver Nugget

Allen Iverson as a Detroit Piston
Allen Iverson as a Memphis Grizzly

Marc, Kenny and Eric talk with David Aldridge about Allen Iverson's decision to retire from the NBA.

Allen Iverson announced his intention to retire Wednesday, closing the door, for now, on a career marked by incredible personal highs and headline-grabbing controversies.

Iverson clearly believes he can still compete at a high level and contribute in a league where he spent 13 full seasons. The former MVP and 10-time All-Star played three games for Memphis this season, his first with the Grizzlies, before leaving the team amid questions of playing time and eventually being released.

Iverson fell into career limbo as several teams debated whether to sign perhaps the most talented "little" man in league history. Rumors in New York and Boston and elsewhere never materialized into substance, and A.I. delivered his goodbye via an open letter on Stephen A. Smith's Web site.

Iverson thanked his many fans, players that inspired him, former coaches and teammates, and the Grizzlies and Sixers, his first NBA team. But there was also a sense of remorse right off the top of the statement. "I always thought that when I left the game, it would be because I couldn't help my team the way that I was accustomed to. However, that is not the case."

Iverson isn't required to file retirement paperwork with the league office as a free agent. Since he's not under contract, Iverson isn't forfeiting any money by retiring. He remains free to sign with any team this season or in the future.

News of Iverson's retirement sent shock waves across the league. Players were quick to praise the contributions of the four-time scoring champ, who many credit for helping introduce a hip-hop element to the NBA.

"His legacy would be huge," said Cavaliers star LeBron James, a teammate of Iverson on the 2004 USA Olympic team. "He's one of the best guys, when you're talking guys 6-foot and under, to play the game of basketball. What he's done individually -- he played injured, he played hard every single night -- I don't think it should end this way if he's done.

"But at the same time if he does, he's left some great games behind. His name will live forever in the game of basketball."

Even without a title.

"It's not even the ring situation because lots of greats -- Charles Barkley doesn't have a ring, Patrick Ewing -- there's a lot of great NBA players who never got a ring," James continued. "But the way he's going out, I don't think it should be like that for him."

There's a strong belief Iverson can still play. Teams wanting him became the roadblock.

"It's sad, man, especially coming from a guy that's close to me, a friend," Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony said. "To see him go out the way he's going out right now is not how he'd want to go out. It's almost like he's being forced to retire. It's a bad situation right now for him."

Heat guard and former Olympic teammate Dwyane Wade: "I'm No. 3. He made No. 3 cool. He made crossovers cool. He did so much for the game as a pioneer. It's sad to see him think about retirement."

Mavericks guard Jason Kidd was glad Iverson made the decision on his terms.

"He has the right to do what he wants and if it's time for him to step aside, then that's his choice," Kidd said. "Everybody's gonna have their opinion these days and as long as he's happy, that's the most important thing."

Nuggets coach George Karl was shocked by the retirement announcement. Iverson was traded to Denver in 2006 and moved to Detroit last year.

"Yeah, I am surprised," Karl said. "I think he has something left to give some team out there, but if that's his decision he'll go down in history as the best little guard ever to play the game of basketball. I was happy to have him for a couple of years. Hopefully, our paths will cross."

Anthony said, "He got dealt a bad hand from when he went to Detroit up until right now. Everything's just been kind of spiraling downhill. I don't ever want to see anybody go through something like that, especially a guy with his talent. And somebody who can still go out there and be productive."

Spurs backup center Theo Ratliff played with Iverson in Philadelphia from 1997-01.

"While we were all there we basically grew up together with that team," Ratliff said. "We were at the bottom of the league, but by that third or fourth year we were at the top. It was just a growing up process. He was a young guy who had his issues, but he was a very giving and very understanding guy of his family, which was his teammates and his immediate family.

"It was no secret that he was a guy who had his entourage, his people that he grew up with and he felt that he needed to take care of them. He was at the top of the league at the time. He was the No. 1 star, the face of the league. Of course you're going to have everyone with their hand out ready and willing to ask for anything. And he was a guy who most of the time gave. That was the kind of guy he was."

Whatever issues he had off the court, Iverson was almost universally respected by his peers on the hardwood.

"I hope he doesn't retire because I know there's still a lot of basketball left," Bobcats guard Stephen Jackson said. "I know he really wants to play the game and still has love for the game, but if he does much love and respect to him always.

"He's always been a big brother. He showed me that I can be myself in this league regardless of what people say as long as I go out there and respect the game. That's the type of person that he was. He laid the foundation for a lot of guys like me. I have nothing but respect for him and wish him the best."

Warriors guard Corey Maggette said, "He's been one the faces of the NBA. Everybody respects A.I. A lot of people in the league started getting braids because of him. He's influenced the league so much. That's just the real talk."

Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki said: "He's been so much fun to watch. At the size that he is and the way he performed over so many years, he'll definitely be missed in the league if he retires."

Iverson's competiveness and toughness are legendary.

"Everybody talked about competing pound-for-pound," said Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, an assistant on the 2004 USA Olympic team. "He was just one hell of a competitor. I don't care what he weighed or how tall he was, he sacrificed his body a lot and took a pounding and played hurt a lot."

"That [retirement] has to be rough for him, because I know the type of competitor he is," Ratliff said. "I wished it wouldn't have gone the way it went toward the end of his career. You can never predict how you end your career. I just hope he has his life in order and keeps on moving forward."


Here's A.I's official retirement Statement via Stephen A. Smith's blog

NOV. 25, 2009

I would like to announce my plans to retire from the National Basketball Association. I always thought that when I left the game, it would be because I couldn’t help my team the way that I was accustomed to. However, that is not the case.

I still have tremendous love for the game, the desire to play, and a whole lot left in my tank. I feel strongly that I can still compete at the highest level.

Stepping away from the game will allow me to spend quality time with my wife and kids. This is a reward that far exceeds anything that I’ve ever achieved on the basketball court. I have prayed for this day and I see it as my greatest gift.

I want to thank the people of Reebok International Ltd., for always allowing me to be me and for supporting me my whole career through all the ups and downs. I have enjoyed 13 wonderful seasons in the NBA, and I am grateful.

I want to first acknowledge my fans everywhere, who have been with me throughout my entire career. Without you, there would be no me. You should all know that I appreciate your support from the bottom of my heart. Thank you!

To Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas, Charles Barkley and Larry Bird, you guys gave me the vision to play the game that will be forever in my heart.

To my Mom, who encouraged and inspired me to play every day, and to all of my family and friends who stood by me from the beginning. Thank you!

To my high school coach, Michael Bailey, Coach John Thompson at Georgetown University, Coach Larry Brown and to all of my other coaches, teammates, administrators, owners and staff who’ve been a part of my career, Thank you as well!

I’d like to give a special thanks to the people of Memphis. I never played a home game for your beloved Grizzlies, but I want you to know how much I appreciate the opportunity given me by a great owner in Michael Heisley, and the support of the city. I wish the Memphis Grizzlies’ organization all of the success that the game has to offer.

And finally, to the city of Philadelphia: I have wonderful memories of my days in a Sixers’ uniform. To Philly fans, thank you. Your voice will always be music to my ears.God Bless all of you,



WOOOW!!! I never thought I'd see the day, when A eazy retires. I mean this guy is barely 6 feet tall and he carried a NBA team(The philadelphia 76ers) on his back for over 10 years, I mean c'mon what more can you ask for. He's recieved every accolade there is to recieve except for a championship. 4 time NBA scoring champ, NBA All - Star MVP, NBA season MVP, Carried his team to the NBA finals, led the league in steals for several seasons I mean. The list goes on and on. I think AI just couldn't fit with any team right now and he figured he'll just retire before the situation becomes embarrasing. I honestly don't like the way he's going out of the game but I guess sometimes things don't always work out the way you planned. He has left behind a moments that will never be forgotten by me or any of his fans and haters. Iverson may be a little guy but he has the heart of the a giant so don't be surprised to see him comeback to the league......

Below are some highlight vids of A.I's legendary NBA career.


The Lagos State governor, Babatunde Fashola, announced on Tuesday that his administration will introduce a residents' identity card scheme.

Mr. Fashola disclosed this while presenting the 2010 budget to the State House of Assembly in Alausa, Ikeja.

According to him, the scheme will increase the state government's capacity to plan the delivery of social amenities to the people.

He said: "We have now reached a stage where it is no longer avoidable to ask: ‘How many people can Lagos State meaningfully employ and sustain?''



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A wise person once said, "Being Broke is Childish"...nuff said!!


Lol, funny but true....


The wait is now over. Epic Records is pleased to announce the release of SOLDIER OF LOVE, the highly anticipated new body of work from SADE. SOLDIER OF LOVE -- which will be released WORLDWIDE on February 8, 2010 -- is Sade's first official studio album since the multi-platinum release of Lovers Rock in 2000.

Known for their one of a kind timeless sound, Sade has enjoyed phenomenal success both internationally and stateside throughout the span of their twenty-five year career. Since the release of their debut album, Diamond Life in 1984, the band has seen all five of their studio albums land in the Top 10 on Billboard's Top 200 Album Chart selling a total of more than 50 million albums worldwide to date. They've been nominated for American Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards and have won three Grammy Awards -- first in 1986 for Best New Artist, then in 1994 for Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group for "No Ordinary Love", and again in 2002 for Best Pop Vocal Album with Lovers Rock.

SOLIDER OF LOVE was recorded in England and produced by the band and their longtime collaborator Mike Pela.

The BlakRoc Sessions: Jim Jones, Dame Dash & Nicole Wray In The Studio Recording Soul Track For Dame's Blakroc Album!

I love this footage and the record itself is mad crazy, Nikki Ray is soooo sick on the vocals, I mean woow...... Jim Jones actually comes of nice ass well and who knew Dame blew that good ol kush......................


The gleaming glove Michael Jackson wore when he premiered his trademark moonwalk dance in 1983 has been auctioned off for $350,000 at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square NYC.
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