Saturday, February 27, 2010

Flash Bandit Promo Tour Featuring Buckhead Artist Domonoe

FlashBandit Universe an up and coming lifestyle clothing company based in Wichita,Ks just recently embarked on what appears to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship with Musician/ Designer Domonoe of Buckhead Entertainment. The partnership has grown from a working relationship that has ended up with Domonoe going from a sponsored artist and graphic designer (see slobber mouth shirt), to the poster-boy for FlashBandit Clothing. Domonoe has full faith in the company and its owners Big Lock Wells and LP(Brandon Kelly), he feels that the potential of this brand is limitless. On February 15, 2010 FlashBandit Clothing Co. departed Wichita on a Promotional tour headed first to the Magic S.L.A.T.E Fashiom Trade Show on Feb 16,17, and 18 in Las Vegas at the LV convention Center and at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. With the team was also the Flashbandit sponsored skate crew WRC, team Leader Antimosity, Doug Funnie, AAAARrow, the twins, and Teck, also along producer S.E. Trill. While Domonoe, Lock, and LP were at the conventions the skate crew was out promoting heavily at local skate-parks and on the strip, passing out fliers, FlashBandit Bags, and Shirts. After 3 days in Vegas the team left for Los Angeles,Ca; first stop Hollywood then a 4 day city wide all L.A. tour West Covina, east LA, Inglewood, Santa Monica, Manhattan beach, Venice, Huntington Park, Hawthorne and others Los Angeles counties. Domonoe says along the way he met a lot of entertainers and entreprenuers that could posibly open more doors. His future with the clothing label, looks bright, real bright according to him. Look for more big adventures with Domonoe and FlashBandit coming soon. Find more about Domonoe @ follow him on and be sure to check out and purchase some of their amazing gear like t-shirts, skateboard decks, and much more;new designs being added weekly and a new women's line is already in the works...............

FLASH BANDIT - ''Unleash you inner bandit''

Eurogang member Bigz the Flygerian lays the game down!!

lol, Bigz is crazy....ol girl wasn't feeling him though eventhough his lizze was kinda strong lol lmao....Flygerian all the way baby!!!!!!

adidas Originals Nizza Hi “Zip”

The zip-up Nizza Hi has returned for this season, thanks to the team at adidas Originals. This unique take on the classic shoe originally came as a part of the Five-Two 3 pack, but has been redesigned in four colorways, all of which are available at an Originals retailer near you now.

Rather than mix in too many colors and disturb the lines of the Nizza Hi’s silhouette, single color blocking is used. The uppers are constructed with a synthetic material and come in grey, navy blue, red and black. On the heel, a zipper stretches from the collar to the sole, allowing you to put them on or take them off without ever touching the laces.


NEW MUSIC/VIDEOS: SauceKid – Under G (Prod by Don Jazzy), Killer Mike Feat. Ludacris & Game- Still My Nigga


NBA Friday Top 10

Stacked Houses in Germany

This beautiful modern building, comprised of 12 stacked houses, was built by Herzog & de Meuron for the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein, Germany.

The concept of the VitraHaus connects two main themes: the theme of the archetypal house and the theme of stacked volumes.


Rihanna Teaches Alan Carr How To Dutty Wine and does a special performance of her new single ''Rudeboy''

Soooo sexy, I mean look at her!!! The performance was sick........

Lisa Raye!!!!!!!

Eventhough she's a gold digging ............... lol, she'still so beautiful and I would def spend one night with her in the bahamas!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Pictures of Late great Rapper Notorious B.I.G Dead in the Hospital Warning Graphic Content!!!!!!!!!!!

RIP Christopher Wallace, a true legend!!!!!!!

M.I, eLDee, Banky W, JJC Perform in London

M.I from notjustok-TV on Vimeo.

Fabolous - BET Rap City Throwback Freestyle

Right before Fab came into his own as artist. Fab never dissapoints!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Swarm of Micro-Helicopters Could Create a Giant 3-D Display

Mechanical fireflies could help create a new kind of 3-D display, say researchers at MIT.
The project, called Flyfire, a project initiated by the SENSEable City Laboratory in collaboration with ARES Lab aims to transform any ordinary space into a highly immersive and interactive display environment. Each helicopter contains small LEDs, and acts as a smart pixel, the motion of the pixels is adaptable in real time. The Flyfire canvas can transform itself from one shape to another or morph a two-dimensional photographic image into an articulated shape.
“Each of the helicopters then acts as what we call a smart pixel,” E Roon Kang, the MIT research fellow who is leading the project, told “By controlling their movement, we can have the pixels flying through the air.”


chai technology o!!!!!!!!!!!!

Naeto C performs @ HBS African Business Conference Fashion show

Naeto C @ HBS African Business Conference Fashion show from notjustok-TV on Vimeo.

All the single Ladies!!!!!!!!

All my single ladies....put your hands up" You know the song - everyone knows the song whether they want to or not! Women around the world threw up their left hand in triumph requesting a ring on that finger. It is no secret that black women are the least married group in the world so I more than applaud this trend - Bravo to Mrs. Knowles-Carter. But here is the real question, Why should he put a ring on it?

I can hear the brakes screeching now!! It is an absolutely valid question to ask. Now there is no shortage on reasons why black women are not married, some valid but some highly speculative. So rather than beat that same old horse let's have some fun with a little questionnaire that will help measure some marriage ready traits.

When you and your boyfriend have a fight you:
A. Storm out of the house and call your girlfriend and/or mother
B. Throw things out of the window, kick him out and then spend the night at his place that evening.
C. Go to your corner, cool down, come back and discuss the problem

When you're at your most vulnerable state the first person you turn to for support is:
A. Your girlfriend
B. Your mother
C. Your boyfriend

Do you consider your womanly charm to be:
A. A curse from God that set the women's movement back a few years.
B. Something you only use to get free phone upgrades, get out of a parking ticket, etc.
C. The perfect way to help mold your man to meeting your needs

When your boyfriend brings up something he thinks you can work on do you:
A. Suffer from the princess syndrome and believe he should love you just the way you are
B. Listen to appease him and continue your merry way
C. Ask questions and truly consider if there is room for improvement

When your boyfriend comes home from a long days work do you:
A. Stay on the phone with your girlfriend and/or mother for another 3-5 hours chatting
B. Go take a nap
C. Become attentive to his needs

If you chose mostly A's: You can continue checking the single box.

If you chose mostly B's: You may get married but in a few years you'll be checking the divorcee box

If you chose mostly C's: You will most likely get married and maintain a healthy marriage with continued growth.

And seriously if you failed these easy questions you should really consider putting your hands down and working on yours


Real Talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Fight Breaks Out At Juelz Santana's Birthday Party Between rappers Maino and another man.

Lol, pure entertainment, Juelz don;t look to happy though!!!!!!!!!!

Upside Down Gap Store

To promote the launch of Gap’s new loyalty program, Sprize, the GAP store on Robson Street in Vancouver, Canada was literally flipped upside down.

The transformation was finished in only twelve hours, after 32 mannequins, four display tables, hundreds of t-shirts, one hot dog cart, and three cars were flipped to create the illusion.


This is so amazing!!!!!!!!

World Premiere: Rick Ross - Mafia Music II FT Chrisette Michelle

Love the video.................... I'm personally a big Ricky Ross fan myself, tell me what you guys think?

Louis Vuitton Monogram Eden Speedy

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010's Monogram Eden is a collection of iconic Louis Vuitton pieces that are reinvented to reference the lifestyle of New Age travelers.


Ladies what do y'all think???

Lil Wayne Shows His Bottom Teeth After Dental Surgey

Monday, February 22, 2010

Konvict Music Africa Signs First African Artist

Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie has become the first African artist to be signed to Akon’s Konvict Music Africa label. According to, the signing was made official at a press conference in Ghana on Saturday, February 6. Aside from Sarkodie, Konvict International president Babs was on hand at the conference to answer any questions.

Known as one of the fastest rappers in Ghana, Sarkodie is a popular Hiplife artist in the West African country. Hiplife is a genre of music that combines both Hip Hop and Ghana’s Highlife music. Sarkodie is currently at work on his sophomore album entitled Rapaholic. There is no word yet on if the album will be released through Konvict Music Africa.

Konvict Music Africa is hoping to sign more artists from Africa to its label.


Exclusive Shots From Jay-Z’s ‘Blueprint 3′ Tour


Lebron James Doing Some Serious Pre-Game Handshakes!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

2010 Lotus Exige Scura


Sick so sick!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roc Nation/Skull Candy present The Aviator Headphones!!!!

eLdee – Is It Your Money Mixtape Vol 1

Big fan if Eldee, homie is really ahead of the game on so many levels....Looking forward to the mixtape.

The ''Is It Your Money Mixtape'' Vol 1 drops 6th March 2010. Definitely pick it up.
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