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So the annual felabration festival (is it a festival?) in remembrance of the late Fela Kuti to celebrate the life of Fela Anikulapo Kuti took place in Lagos, Nigeria this past weekend.

Several artists like Fela's son Femi Kuti, D'banj, Ikechukwu, Majek fashek and more were present to honor the Afro beat King.

4th grader asks President Obama ''Why do people hate you? They are suppose to love you''

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By requiring car drivers to pay a fee to drive in a city at peak hours, congestion pricing reduces traffic and raises money that can be used to support public transit—both worthy goals.

Yet congestion pricing has dubious environmental value. Traffic jams, if they're managed well, can actually be good for the environment. They maintain a level of frustration that turns drivers into subway riders or pedestrians.

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Ask Ms. Uduak: Omo na Turn by Turn, Your Own “Oyoyo” dey Come!

“Ms. Uduak when will it be my time to shine?” is a common question I have been asked in frustrated tones from many artists, both Nigerian (Naija) and non-Naija. “I hustle very hard if not harder than many in this music game yet I can’t seem to get over that hump,” is usually what follows. The hump they usually refer to is the perpetual state of “brokeness” and lack of recognition in the industry.

To have “people chop (you) like biscuits,” or sing “Oyoyo” as J. Martins hit song “Oyoyo” claims, it means you have to be patient.

As a disclaimer, I am technically the wrong person to talk about patience. I am quite an impatient person. When I want something, I typically want it, now. These days, however, I am learning it really is about learning and mastering the art of patience. When it comes to music and when your work will get the spotlight it deserves, you should take a page from 9ice’s “Street Credibility” and heed to the line, “Omo na turn by turn.” Seriously, you must wait your turn i.e. be patient when you decide you want a career in the music business. In fact, not just music, every aspect of life demands it. When you want something great to happen, there is no “rush, rush” involved.

Many Naija artists you see in music glory like 9ice, Naeto C, MI, Ikechukwu, D’Banj, Banky W and Eldee, had to do their time and have a story to go with the glory. Indeed their stories of resilience and perseverance helped build character and is what makes them even more attractive and relatable. There is no exception to the rule. You must master the art of patience and perseverance if you intend to be just as successful. How do you do so? Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you patientlywait for your turn to shout, “Oyoyo!”

Gain Perspective. The entertainment world is full of hype! If you buy into the hype, you will be depressed and feel like a failure. I’ll let you in on the secret but shhhhhhh, it will be our secret. Many so called celebrities and/or the public relations companies they hire make a lot of noise about themselves or their work but the harsh reality is often, they are not as successful as you think. In fact, very often, these artists or personalities are scraping by, despite the seeming appearance of success. Ever heard the saying, “an empty vessel makes the loudest noise?” This is very true in the entertainment business. So, learn not to believe majority of the hype you hear. Just focus on your work.

Water your own grass. Bottom line, if you think the grass is green on the other side, it is because you are not watering your own grass. Quit complaining and nurturing those negative feelings that leave you insecure and instead, water your own grass.

Enjoy the Journey: One of my mentors once gave me this advice when I was complaining about not getting to where I wanted to be. He reminded me I had accomplished so much at quite a young age and to, “enjoy the journey.” As he explained, once you get to the top, the experiences you went through to get to the top is what you will enjoy and remember most, not necessarily that you are now at the top. I am passing the same advice on, will you please enjoy the journey? Thank you.

Let Life Happen: “You can’t cheat nature,” is something I heard often from my mom growing up, usually in the context of my impatient nature. What is meant to be will be. I have since learnt mama was right. Let life happen. Let it unravel and come to you. As the painter/artist Peter Fiore put it, “you get more by waiting . . . You wait for the light to come and it will change the world in front of you.”Wait for you own light. “E dey come” and soon it will be your turn to shout and sing “Oyoyo!”


Written by Ms. Uduak

Ms. Uduak Oduok is the President & CEO of Ladybrille Media Group, Inc. She is also an attorney, fashion model and journalist. She has over seventeen years combined experience in the fashion and entertainment industries and will be answering your NOT JUST OK basic Business of Music Questions. Have a question for Ms. Uduak? Send an email to with the subject heading “Not Just Ok Music Question.”

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