Monday, April 12, 2010

F.A. - Make a move (Dedicated to Haiti)

Shout to my guy F.A. for this one, track is dope. Look out for his new mixtape coming out anytime now, you know will def have that on deck when it's available. For more on F.A hit him up on

You can still help save lives in Haiti call up the red cross 1800REDCROSS(18007332767) and donate something, anything!!!

Spotting a Bad Apple

Is there really a trend of no-good black men or are women just picking the wrong men? Why do we find the school girl with the local thug? Or a corporate woman with a mechanic? Is it because they have a good heart and they listen to you? While there is nothing wrong with spreading the love around, good brothers often take the rap for women choosing the wrong mate. It's not difficult to spot a good man despite his profession. Here are signs on spotting the bad apples from the bunch.

Mr. Nice Guy...So you're looking for a nice guy. But this guy doesn't have a good relationship with women i.e. his mother, sisters or his child mother(s). And he often calls these women and other women unruly names in your presence. In addition, he blames these women for his short comings or failures. Red flag!!

Mr. Ambition...It doesn't matter what this man wants to become he could be an aspiring rapper, actor, entrepreneur, VP the list goes on. What does matter is what he's doing now! If he spends his spare time on the basketball court and he's not an aspiring to be NBA player, plays video games and isn't planning on innovating the gaming system, hangs out with his friends to eat and drink and isn't going into the restaurant business - there is no ambition! No matter how many times he feeds you his dream. He's not ready to take on the discipline that is necessary to make them a reality. Move on and NO you cannot change him!

Mr. Family Man..He is over 30 but has had only one real relationship and has more than one child by different women. No matter what story he cooks up on why these did not work out - this is a red flag! Also if your prospect works a lot and is committed to his work, don't expect for him to flip the switch and automatically be home for dinner at 7. There is a sacrifice that is needed on your part to take care of the family while he takes care of business. And if you're looking for someone to take the kids to every swim meet, basketball game and recital then this is a red flag too! *A friendly reminder: you'll be financially secure with a man with a purpose...and that counts for a lot;-)*

These are not fool-proof but it's a darn good start to working your way to spotting a good black man.


Ok so I posted this because I thought it was rather hilarious, Iol I'm still laughing right now.........

Pics from P-Square's Easter Conert in London 2010

Always good to see the twins doing their thing.............

NEW MUSIC/VIDEOS: Drake - Over, Onome Ovwori – Iyawo Mi(Video), Rick Ross ft. Ne-Yo Super High

Jigga and B porshing it in NYC

Who says Hov is too bossy to hit the streets himself lol!!! I see you Jay....
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