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Manish Law is amazing hip-hop artist from Wichita,Ks. Some of his musical inspirations include some amazingly talented artists such as Outkast, Eminem, Led Zeppelin, Red hot Chili Peppers and Devin the dude. His flow is amazing and captivating with complex lyrics and versatile rap patterns. He is part of the Buckhead Entertainment, a independent record label rising fastly in the Midwest Region. He released his 1st mixtape ''The Man Law MixTape'' to build his core fanbase and then decided to put out his debut album ''The Day of Wreckoning''. Filled with 13 songs full of of Hip-Hop, Rock and Blues sounds the album is easily one of the better Hip-Hop albums out in the market place period. Listening to his music simply put, is an experience that everyone must have. He is also currently doing a lot of key collaborations which Manish says are ''under raps'' for now. According to him he enjoys all kinds of music so he's looking to collaborate with more emerging artists from Nigeria or wherever as long as they are talented and have a good work ethic he says. He does weekly video blog on youtube called ''Manish Law - V-Lawgs'' which he freestyles or does a verse from an unreleased record. Look for Manish Law as one of the new artists emerging on the music scene in 2010. Listen to Manish Law's album and get more information @

Below: Manish law's video for his street single ''Beat Barracuda'' his new single ''Sing along song'' and latest V-Lawg #26..........Enjoy and leave your comments.

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Andre 3000

Kanye West



Snoop Dogg

Fat Joe


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President Barack Obama accepts the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo Norway

The Obama haters are probably pulling thier nails out right now............


Darey with the Mo-Hits camp at his new single release party on Dec 6th.


Who got more clout than Mo-hits right now?????????

Designer Ice Cream Ads From New Zealand!

New Zealand Ice Cream company Kapiti is hoping that people will buy their new designer ice cream by using these ads to sell it.



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Stevie Wonder feat. John Legend "The Way You Make Me Feel"

Is Love Colour Blind????

Is love colour blind?A good friend of mine once fell in love with a non-Nigerian man. Her family members were unimpressed to say the least and pressure quickly mounted. My friend asked what I would do if I were in her shoes. I thought to myself, ‘Every woman has her own tight shoes to wear…’ But aloud I said, “Pray. Then follow your heart. We make our choices and likewise we must live by them.” However, her family had other ideas. Next thing I heard the cross-country romance had come to an end.

Now, it’s a beautiful thing when two lovers share the same culture and core values. For starters this eliminates the hassle of constantly doubling up as a ‘tour guide’ at family occasions (’bow when the chief comes. Eat the fufu with your bare hands. Refer to women you don’t know as auntie…’). But more importantly, it ensures that subtle shades of meaning are not lost in translation in the course of everyday interaction. Heritage is preserved when the language, norms and currency of one’s past are handed down to the younger generation. However, life doesn’t always go according to the script. Many people are receptive to the idea of ‘marrying their own kind’ but for one reason or the other, things may not have panned out as rehearsed. So those who are wise have adjusted their expectations and opened up their eyes to see the bigger picture. Tell me. Is it right for society to pre-judge these people and make their lives a living hell?

I was listening to an emotive discussion about inter-racial marriage on a U.S radio programme very recently. The black men who phoned in didn’t sound too pleased about the growing trend of well-educated African-American women marrying white men. “Sell outs.” They called them (in some quarters those who want to better themselves are called ’sell outs’ these days). Naturally the ’sistas’ were fluent in their own defence, reminding everyone who had ears to hear that many black men in America run off with blue-eyed blondes once they become successful, that yet another chunk of the quota didn’t have jobs (or were in prison) and so what’s a ’sista’ to do under the circumstances. The male retort was that black women are unapproachable, too independent, too strong. The response, ‘for goodness sake, what do black men want?’

Following a series of extra-marital allegations, the media spotlight has lately been focussed on an accomplished golfer of mixed heritage. For some this matter is a non-issue, little more than light comic relief at best, for others it’s about serial infidelity, for many however, it’s racial stereotype confirmed. I am struck by the emotive interest inter-racial topics evoke even in this multi-cultural age. Apparently it’s not only African parents who still lay awake at night praying that their sons will come home and take a wife. Many people are not as modern as they like to think when it comes to culture and colour. ‘Race’ is a super highway that must be navigated with care as those who cross without looking may be knocked down… dead.

Of course it’s concerning when people date or marry for predatory reasons that reek of self hate. However, there are others who venture beyond the conventional borders with much love and common sense. Let’s live and let love, shall we? Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where none of this matters anymore. If racial constructs weren’t that much of a big deal to primitive people of centuries gone by, then why is it the be all and end all in this so-called modern age? Why are we so determined to see the ways we differ rather than the human qualities that make us very much alike?


Kim Kardashian & Khloe Talk Dating Black Guys Only With Howard Stern!

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