Friday, April 30, 2010

Tosin Martins & MI – Higher Session 1

You can always bet on M.I to drop some inspirational lyrics, but damn the boy really went in this one!!!! Great set...........

1955 Maserati A6G Zagato

Price: $1.3million

1 of only 20 built!!!


My type of whip, something classic and rare!!!!

Behind the scenes at the video shoot for Eldee's “U Blow My Mind”

Rapper ELDee shot the video for the first single from the “Is It Your Money Vol 1″ mixtape on the 28th of April 2010 and BN has photos from the video shoot.

The video features a host of music stars including 2Shotz, Dr Sid, Olu Maintain, Jimmy Flames, Dokta Frabz, Don Flex, Mike (DNMT) and more and is actually directed by Eldee himself........

Photos were tweeted by Ruggedman


The pics look really dope, Eldee is definitely a trendsetter and I'm definitely a fan of what he does...Can't wait to see the video!!!!

Btw the shades are bananas!!!!!!!!!!!!

NEW MUSIC/VIDEOS: Drake - Find your love, B.o.B - Bet I ft. T.I. & Playboy Tre [Official Music Video], Klever Jay – Sho wa Sexy Ft Ruggedman

Dolce & Gabbana Leather Loafers for Men

Price: $279.99


Soooo dope, on some big boi ish!!

Official album cover for Eminem's new album ''Recovery'' + Single & Interview

New Single - Not Afraid

Interview with Angela Yee on shade 45

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jewel By Lisa presents their Autumn/Winter 2010-11 Lookbook & Introduce “Studio 11″

View JBL Autumn/Winter collection 2010/2011 below:
The JewelsByLisa brand is experiencing exciting new developments with stockists in LA and the launch of Studio 11- a new weekly style blog which promises to be a fashion wonderland which defines all things uber cool, fashion-conscious, and styl-ized.

A pioneering Nigerian Fashion Brand, amazing staff, amazing body of work.........keep em coming!!!

Drake Talks About The Evolution Of Mixtapes

A mixtape is definitely a good tool to help create a fanbase, and with the right exposure and support, it could be instrumental in taking your career to the next level. However, I believe that as far as the music industry goes, we are once again back in the 60's music era of selling singles. It's all about singles, singles are all that's selling, and really if you have a hot single, you'll get major label attention quicker than if you had a hot mixtape. Just look at the ATL rap group Travis Porter. These dudes are touring of 1 single they are in the middle of major label bidding wars concerning their future, their video is on MTV and their fanbase is growing by the minute. Now I might not like their music, but their format is impressive. Put out hot singles, let them chart, get a demand for shows, get the labels fighting over you sell some millions in singles via itunes and maybe sign a 1 or 2 album deal that will allow you to keep your masters, and leave the situation if at anytime the label seems to not meeting their half of the deal.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Breaking News: D'banj to sign multi million dollar deal

According to Nigerian superstar entertainer D'Banj of Mo-Hits record just signed an exclusive international record deal with a very prominent International record Label which will soon be announced. This is great news to me as I've been predicting that Nigerian music is about to take the world by storm. However I didn't think D'banj would be the artist to break through though. I felt M.I would be the artist that would actually open the door seeing as his style of music is similar to that of American mainstream hip-hop. Below is an excerpt taken from

''Naija Superstar D’Banj is in the process of finalizing a major international record contract. The source is a staff of one of the major international labels, here is his/her account of events:

It was during a meeting at the record label that I work with (One of the largest international record labels), this particular meeting is a weekly meeting to review new and potential signings. I reviewed the items on the agenda and suddenly I saw the name D’Banj. I was like ah na our boy?! (Didn’t say that out loud though…hehe). The VP leading the meeting led us through how he “discovered” D’Banj at a recent event in LA. From the figures they mentioned, our boy is getting major $$$ for him and million dollar budget for promotion and artist development - the plan is to give him a major international push. Even compared to what they offer ‘urban’ stars, the contract is way above that. Very major! I was proud o''.


NEW MUSIC/VIDEOS: Wale - Kini Big Deal (New 2010), The Game - 400 Bars (Part I & 2) The Red Room

Recycled Cassette Tape PortraitsErika Iris Simmons, a talented self-taught artist, creates amazing portraits of famous musicians out of recycled audio

Michael Jackson
John Lennon

Jimi Hendrix

Lauryn Hill

Bob Marley

Bob Dylan

Lenny Kravitz

Erika Iris Simmons, a talented self-taught artist, creates amazing portraits of famous musicians out of recycled audio cassette tapes.

Talk about talented!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Nike Shoes Used to Play Music

Hifana, a talented Japanese musical duo, was commissioned by Nike to write and perform a live song using flexible running shoes as their instruments.

Accelerometers and sensors were added to make the shoes interactive


Dope soooo dope!!!!!

Rapper Da Grin dead at 23

Nigeria rapper Da Grin real nam(Dapo Olaitan Olaonipekun) ,dies at a very early age of 23 by way of devastating car accident.....Da Grin was officially pronounced dead by the doctors sometime between 8:30 and 8:45pm local time at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LUTH). His death was confirmed to the public by his family....My prayers go out to them and may his soul R.I.P.

Pic of the Day: T.I looking rather fly!!!!!!!

Had to post this pic, the King was looking rather fresh, Louie V'd out, and the kicks are def bananas!!!!!!!!

It's Official: Men in Black 3

So Will Smith was trying to decide whether he would record MIB3 with Tommy Lee or The City that Sailed, and it looks like he ended up going with MIB3. The movie info is as follows

Director: Barry Sonnenfield

Writers: Ethan Cohen (Screenplay)
Lowell Cunningham (Comic)

Actors: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and more.......

Release Date: 2011

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what MIB3 will look like, with all the new technology available, you can be sure it's gonna be dope!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Just got the news that the legendary GURU of the iconic rap group ''Gangstarr'' just passed this morning at the young ag of 43 due to cancer complications. May his soul rest in Peace, my prayers go out to his entire family and DJ Premier the other half of Gangstarr.....One of the realest emcees to ever touch a mic...always will be a fan...

EXCLUSIVE:Manish Law releases new online single ''SIXTYSICK''

Manish Law and Buckhead Entertainment present Manish Law's new online single ''SIXTYSICK'' featuring Black Jackson and prod by Corey J. Listen and download the single using the link below and enjoy............


Sick, sick just sick, dude's talent is superhuman lol!!

Recycled Circuit Board Creations

Circuit Board Car
Extremely unusual car decorated with recycled circuit boards.

Circuit Board Shoes
Stylish shoes created from printed circuit boards by Steven Rodrig.

Circuit Board Sneakers
Nike sneakers created by Gabriel Dishaw from old computer parts

Circuit Board Guitar
Miniature electric guitar made from the innards of an MP3 player.

Circuit Board Notebook
Cool ring-bound notebook made from a recycled circuit board.

Circuit Board Necklace
Necklace made from circuit boards and magnets by Christoph Koch.

Circuit Board Fan
Hand-held fan made from old circuit boards and vinyl records.

Circuit Board Dress
Stylish dress and handbag created by Fabio Renaldo from recycled computer chips for the Eco Chic fashion show in Indonesia.

Circuit Board Clock
Laser etched clock where the numbers have been replaced by a variety of schematic and logic symbols.

Circuit Board Clipboard
Clipboard made from recycled motherboard that might otherwise have ended up in a landfill.


Dope ish!!!!!!

NEW MUSIC/VIDEOS: B.o.B featuring Eminem & Hayley Williams-Airplanes Part 2, Iceberg Slim – Goodbye

Sick track, the chick on the hook is rather dope, B.o.B is definitely a rising star, love the music he brings to the table......And Em is obviously a legend.

IceBerg Slim - Goodbye

Iceberg Blue Spread EXCLUSIVE: Iceberg Slim   Goodbye

Naija DJs Summer Jam June 4th – 5th 2010 (Promo Video)

Thomas Wylde: Never Mind Shirt

Price: $650


As you guys can see there are alot of curse words and phrases on this shirt lol, and it looks like Mrs Carter is definitely a fan, she wore it at her recent Coachella performance with husband Jay-z......The design is cool I must say!!

Welcome Home: Ludacris & Mystikal Perform "Move B......" For The First Time In 9 Years!

Welcome home Mystikal, love this song, eventhough it was responsible for so many fights, violent acts and etc lol..........

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Air Jordan 1 Phat 20

The Air Jordan 20 serves as inspiration, lending its signature laser engraved look to two different colorways for May.

The first shoe isblack all over, with patent appearing on the midfoot, toe and toe box. The heel panel is suede and matches the grey outsole perfectly. The second shoe is white mostly, with hits of red and black on the ankle and heel, respectively. Both feature the aforementioned laser designs in their quarter panels and also make use of a similar print on their liners.


The black ones the black ones, the black ones lol........
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