Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Prank Call Of The Week: Nigerian Man Gets Fresh Princed On Christian TV!


The Misa Digital Guitar

This Cool Misa Digital Guitar with a touchpad that plays digital guitar, watch the video. Cool! By Sydney-based designer Michael. If you are interested in purchasing, you can contact it via mail.


I am obsessed with digital guitar. But I also love electric guitar, and I have learned what it's good at and what it's capable of. Some of its most important qualities and characteristics stem from the very fact that the electric guitar is made out of wood and strings. A guitar string is "beautiful" - because the sound generated comes from the very vibration of the string, interfering with a magnetic flux and inducing an electric voltage, which is then amplified. Why would you want to emulate that? It is perfection. It is pure nature. It is in the analog domain. I did not intend the Misa digital guitar to replicate a traditional guitar.


Guitars by their very nature have limitations. To create sound you need to hit a string, so that the sound at its most intense point is always the beginning of the pluck. The left hand controls what notes to play, and the right hand controls when to play these notes and the intensity of the notes. Effects can be inserted into the signal chain, but they are usually foot pedals which makes the experience of controlling effects disjointed from what your hands are doing. Plus, you can only really make use of one pedal at a time. Even in the (rare) case that controls are mounted on the guitar, the hand needs to switch between strings and controls. This may be okay if you only use effects occasionally, but when every note you play needs the controls set differently - good luck with that.
There are no strings on this instrument. The right hand doesn't pluck strings, it controls sound."


This is rather sick...............

Nigerian artist Tolumide: Photoshoot + Interview

Tolumide is a Singer-Songwriter, of Nigerian and Canadian decent based in Maryland/DC. Her music is inspiring & enlightening form of RnB and Afro-pop music. She won the NEA(Nigerian Entertainment Award) for best female artist is 2006. She's back with her new single My Love, check out the exclusive interview plus photo shoot below

For more information or to listen to her music visit
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