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Exclusive Pics from Diddy's 40th Birthday Bash in NYC

Diddy and his sons

Tyrese, Puff and Rapper Red cafe

Puff doing what he does best

Mob Pic: Jigga, Snowman, Puff, Officer Ricky

Kim Kardashian with her Mother Kris Jenner

Dirty Money's Dawn Richard

Dirty money's Kaleena

Mama Combs

Actress/Model Veronica Webb

Model Amber Rose

Rapper Nelly

Singer Cassie

Denzel leaving the party

Lil Kim

Singer Estelle

If there's one person that knows how to throw a party, it's uncle Puff......Diddy celebrated his star-studded Garden of Eden-themed birthday bash in The Grand Ballroom of New York’s Plaza Hotel last thursday Nov 19th. The Bad Boy Records mogul invited 500 people to celebrate with him during the Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Birthday Celebration Presented by Ciroc Vodka. Guests were treated to an open bar with gallons of champagne and Ciroc vodka topped off with a silver confetti drop.
Diddy decorated the venue with a $30,000 orchid display, a black dance floor, and a black chandelier and spent a total of $3 million celebrating his birthday party.

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The Obamas After Dark [Cartoon Parody]

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NBA Clip Of The Week: Kobe Bryant Shoots Over The Backboard From Behind The Basket

Ask Ms Uduak: How Do I Negotiate with a Record Label CEO?

Hello Ms Uduak,
I’m an upcoming artiste, I’ve made efforts and I have some singles to my credit though not yet dropped. I have got some connects as well, I know some people up there. But please I want to be clear on something. I need to get signed to a record label. If I get linked to someone, probably a big C.E.O how do I go about talking to him concerning my aspirations of getting signed to his record label, getting my work across to him, as I haven’t got a manager yet. Please kindly enlighten me.

Yhemmy, congratulations you have the connections and can get in front of a major record label CEO. We will role play to see how you negotiate with the CEO. In this quick script, there are two characters. One is Yhemmy (you) and the other is the CEO. Let’s imagine you have been referred by your Uncle who is a big name in Naija. Nevertheless for this CEO, sorry “ko matter” as in, it still boils down to have you built an audience, can you produce great music quickly and are you marketable. That is the bottom line!

Alright, let’s see how we can win this tough CEO over.

(YHEMMY Knocks on the Door CEO answers with “come in.”)

CEO: Yes hello?
Hi Sir, I’m Yhemmy, Mr. Taiwo my Uncle referred me.

CEO: Ah! Yes yes. Welcome. How is he doing?
Fine Sir. He said to greet you sir.

CEO: Greet him for me too. Tell him I will call him this weekend.
Okay sir, I will.

CEO: So what can I do for you?
Sir, I am here because I wanted to discuss getting signed to your label.

CEO: Look, I don’t mean to be rude but while I think you’ve got potential, you need to come back in six months. We are not really signing new artists. It has been very tough to sell records these days. The market has changed and we want only the best because we spend a lot of money promoting and marketing our artists. So, come back in six months.
Sir, I don’t mean to push but it appears you haven’t really heard about me and my work. I am here because I know (emphasis added), after having done my research thoroughly, that I can make lots of money for you and I am an artist you want on your roster.

CEO: Really? You got my attention. How so?
Well considering you are a very busy man, I’ll cut straight to the chase. First, I make great music. I’m not just saying that. My track record and fan base proves it. I have built an audience and also have produced great music. In fact, at this point because of my many experiences with music, I am part producer and have the ability to produce quality songs rather quickly.

CEO: Go back to the audience you have built and we will come back to the music you have produced. Which audience? Where are they?
Sir, I started playing in the clubs locally and on the streets even playing in Ebute Metta, Ajegunle and Oshodi. My friends used to laugh and many thought I was crazy at the time but the streets responded and loved my work. Soon after, club managers started asking me to play in their clubs. To date I have played at every major club in Lagos including Swe Bar & Lounge where I am a regular on Friday nights.

When I perform, it is usually a sold out show. I also understand the internet revolution and its importance for artists and the music business as a whole. So, I not only worked the streets of Lagos, I hustled hard online. Today, I have a large fan base and followers on Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. My hit song, “Omo aje butter oshi wey Uncle dey hook up” has had over 200,000 hits.

CEO: (laughs) Is that really a song title?
Yes sir. Sir back then it wasn’t funny o! People just assumed I had no talent because I had connections. If I don’t have talent I will not last at the top and I needed to know the streets agreed with me that I was talented, with or without my connections.

CEO: (laughs) Okay go on.
On my Facebook fan page, I have 10,000 followers and my twitter has 2,000 followers. I have also been able to sell my CDs from the trunk of my car. I now sell roughly 2500 copies per month because of my popularity.

CEO: Hmmm . . . how have you managed to do this?
I hustle hard and stay hustling. I have worked hard for almost everything I have. It is who I am. I work hard and like to earn my own way but I don’t mind when help is handed every now and then, especially when I have prepared as diligently as I have. Take for example the access to get the opportunity to speak with you.

CEO: If you have have been doing that well, why do you need my company ?
Sir, why the internet is allowing artists like myself to earn some small change and make a living, it is still not the same as having a rather broad distribution and national recognition with a major record label as yours. In due time as the internet revolution continues, I presume artists will have even more power but that is certainly something we can discuss at some point.

CEO: Okay, that music production thing you talked about? How long have you been producing?
About five years now. My natural curiosity led me to see how I could create my own sounds. In doing it I found I was good at it. I have since then learnt a lot from other strong producers. I have also collaborated with names like MI, D’Banj & P-Square before they even became this big.

CEO: You know the song I heard that your Uncle played for me was “Ondo Boy” it was alright. Do you have anything else?
(laughs) I am so sorry Sir! (Laughs) Ondo boy was eight years ago. My Uncle loves that because he is obviously from Ondo. I always get embarrassed when he plays that song. I have moved on. We are in 2009. Here is a mixed CD album. (hands it to CEO) I did a remix to MI’s “Hustle,” Naeto C’s “Ako Mi Ti Poju,” Banky W’s “Strong Ting” and D’Banj’s “Mo Gbono Fe Le.” I also have my original songs that I wrote and produced.

CEO: Hmm . . . (takes a deep breath). Okay! You have said a lot. Let me listen to the CD. I am impressed with the fact that you have built an audience and you produce your songs and can produce them quickly. I am impressed with the fact that you have sold some of your songs already. 2500 is very impressive. Your fan base of 10,000 that is great! Let me listen and my office will get back with you. Thanks for coming in and pushing!
Thank you sir for your time.

(Yhemmy exits office)

Okay Yhemmy, the dialogue above does not need any further analysis. The bolded part are emphasis to show what is important. If you have the key things that the CEO said impresses him, I would be very shocked if you don’t get an offer. Also noticed the Yhemmy here showed he is highly intelligent and knows his craft well. Be this Yhemmy and more.

If you have not reached the stages in the above dialogue yet, especially building an audience, then I would wait, get my ducks lined in a row and revisit that connection later.

Now go make it happen!



Ms. Uduak Oduok is the President & CEO of Ladybrille Media Group, Inc. She is also an attorney, fashion model and journalist. She has over seventeen years combined experience in the fashion and entertainment industries and will be answering your NOT JUST OK basic Business of Music Questions. Have a question for Ms. Uduak? Send an email to with the subject heading “Not Just Ok Music Question.”




Check out Em's new album cover for his re-release of his album ''Relapse'' titled ''Refill''

The new CD will feature five new songs including “Forever” with Kanye West, Drake and Lil’ Wayne as well the DJ Hero track “Renegade.”
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