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Magellan 1521 Watch

The 1521 is split up into two versions. The NH (northern hemisphere) and the very limited SH (southern hemisphere) that has been all sold out. You'll probably be more interested in the NH anyway. Essentially you have a classically mapped half globe surrounded by a ring of mother-of-pearl, with map indicators printed on the chapter ring. The entire 43mm wide watch is covered in a beautiful bubble of sapphire crystal. The case is in steel, but there are also 18k yellow gold versions available. The seamless look has no lugs and the crown is integrated into the case. Very art deco streamlined. The rear of the watch has additional map imagery via tasteful engravings.

The watch has a modified Swiss ETA 2893 automatic movement. Magellan needed to create tiny tubes to raise the base of the watch hands. All four hands start at the top of the globe and wrap around it. The GMT has is tipped with a mirror polished sun, and can be used to indicate the relative position of the sun over the Earth. There is lume applied on the hour and minute hands will addition lume dots are placed on the outside chapter ring of the dial. This version of the 1521 watch has a supple honey brown ostrich strap with a steel butterfly deployment strap (that has perlage polish applied to it). This amazingly unique timepiece comes with an outstanding level of finish (the mirror polish all over the watch is so impressive), while the price is reasonable when compared to other similar unique Swiss watches at $5,600.

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I like...........

Exclusive Rolling Out Tv Interview with Sanaa Lathan speaking on her life, love, family, and career

She's so gorgeous...........

NEW MUSIC/VIDEOS: Meaku - She got a man, Statik Selektah feat. Talib Kweli, Termanology & Royce da 5′9″ - Come Around


Bonus Track – She Like It

Meaku is a 21 year old Nigerian bred, Los Angeles, CA raised singer,songwriter,arranger and Producer signed to Universal Music group. Look for his debut album in 2010.


lol, hilarious..............

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Spike Lee calls Tyler Perry's movies ''Coonery and Buffoonery''

So is this a personal shot from the old school to the new school. Or is Uncle Spike just plane hating. I mean I'm not a huge fan of Tyler Perry's movies but most of them are pretty cool. Uncle Spike on the other hand got himself some classics under his belt. What you guys think????????????

Rihanna And L.A Dodgers player Matt Kemp spotting doing a Little Shopping At Saks Fifth Avenue!



Hmmm..........Brief Chris Brown replacement, just a friend or is he there to fulfill one her famous christman wishes???????????

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'Iron Man 2' Trailer [HD]

Can't wait to see this.................

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Incredible Windmill Dunk by Terrence Williams of the New Jersey Nets


Creative Heineken Beer Ads





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Juelz Santana Speaks On New Album, 50 Cent & Dipset

Kanye West for BAPE

Do People still rock Bape though???

Eurogang Freestyling on BBC radio

Them Euro Naija boys.......................... U already know how they do.....Spitting venom on BBC Radio.

Mary J. BLoge slaps Husband at her Album Realeas Party

Word is her husband and her brother got into an altercation that turned into a fight. Mary went to break up the fight and what you see above was the result...

Hmmm.....I don't care how much money you making as my wife, I don't see myself letting that one slide.

Thursday, December 24, 2009



NEW MUSIC/VIDEOS: Zara – The FLyeST(Video), Drake - It's Been a Pleasure


Nigerian International artist Nneka on BBC...Interview + Performance

Check out her brake out single ''Come with Me'' below

Cool Folding Keyboard Concept

Innovative portable keyboard concept, designed by Yoonsang Kim and Eunsung Park, folds up like a traditional folding fan when not in use.

Key Stick is a personal keyboard that you take with you everywhere, never needing to touch public keyboards that have been touched by others.

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Kim Kardashian, selling Salad now????????????

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The Making of Trey Songz " Say Ahh " Music video

Gucci 'GG Men's Rectangular Wrap Sunglasses

Price: $129.99

Jimmy Iovine- Finding New Artists at Interscope Records

Interscope Records head Jimmy Iovine discusses how new artists come to the notice of the label, and what he personally looks for in the artists he signs.

NEW MUSIC/VIDEOS: Duncan Daniels ft M.I - Like This (Official Video), Rakim - Euphoria (feat. Jadakiss, Styles P, And Busta Rhymes)

What NOT to say to your Girlfriend’s Parents

There are certain things that parents should tell their children, particularly their sons. Yes, yes we all know that there comes a time when we have to give the ‘Birds and the Bees’ talk (a responsibility I will unashamedly hand over to my hubby). However there is more to that. We should tell our boys what not to do or say when going over to pick a girlfriend from her house for a date for the very first time particularly if her parents around. These are some of the things I thought about.

(1) ‘Wow, so you’re her Mum? Now I know where she gets her legs’: Okay, first of all what are you doing eyeing up Mum’s legs, you perv? Don’t you know that Mothers are akin to angels and are therefore not to be looked at in a certain way even if Mum is a dead ringer for J-Lo? Dad is NOT impressed with the fact that his daughter may be going out with someone who compares maternal body parts to Mummy Junior! Advice: Just stick with murmured politeness and keep your eyes away from Mum’s physique, no matter how alluring.

(2) ‘Sir, don’t worry I will make sure she is safe’: Please don’t stop there. Elaborate on safe if you want to leave Dad’s house with daughter (and your bits) intact. In today’s world, the word ‘safe’ is a euphemism. What do you mean you’ll ‘make sure she is safe’? Are you running with the mafia or transporting drugs or something that could put her in danger? Just gently ask Dad what time you should bring her back and where exactly you’ll be and how you can be reached should the need arrive. You will impress her Dad and he will feel that you are a highly responsible young man.

(3) ‘Yes, yes…my car is the very latest model with spacious back seats…’: Are you out of your mind? Don’t you know that you are NEVER EVER to even give a hint of an image of a back seat to a nervous Dad? You will instantly transport him to the Land of 9 Months Later where he will envision himself holding a squalling infant with a bewildered look on his face…an infant that came into being in the aforementioned back seats! If possible, borrow a coupe that doesn’t even have back seats!

(4) ‘Sir, may I just say that you have a wonderful, beautiful, fantastic daughter and it is my incredible honour to…”: blah, blah, blah and you can officially stop the butt kissing. What is this, a marriage proposal? On your first date? Dads have an inbuilt ‘crap-o-meter’ that lets them know who is sincere and who’s attempting to kiss up. This is not a ‘Mr Nice Guy’ contest. Dad already knows just how wonderful, beautiful etc his daughter is so you don’t need to remind him, Einstein. Besides, a guy that’s too nice and full of platitudes is just plain suspicious.

(5) ‘ When I first saw your daughter the LORD revealed to me …’: that one flew over and landed in the cuckoo’s nest…on top of your head! Even if you feel that the LORD impressed something on your heart about the lady please keep that little nugget of info to yourself until you know her and her family a little better. I am SO against people using GOD and His Holy Name to score points…or just to score. Her Dad will immediately think you are slightly delusional at best and maniacal at worst. You are not even likely to leave the house with her at this point. Just keep your ‘revelations’ to a minimum, if you please.

(6) ‘ Oh, guess what?…I can tell your future from the indentation your bum makes on the sofa! Seriously, wanna try? : and at this point you Dad will tell you your future (which will not include his daughter) and toss you out of his house so hard you’ll have skid marks on your bum! What are you, a nutcase?

(7) ‘Where are we going? Well, there’s this new bar…’: The word ‘bar’ does not sit well with any Naija parent (even if you are the legal age for drinking) and they will be worried that you intend to get their daughter inebriated and thus take advantage of her Word of advice: no bars. Besides Dude, what kind of guy are you to go on a first date to a bar?

(8) ‘ Sir, I hear you used to wrestle back in the day…Care to show me any moves?”: First of all, never challenge a beast in its own territory. And before you do anything so stupid please do try and size Dad up first. If he’s built like Richard Simmons then maybe…but if he’s built like the Rock then don’t even think about bringing up his wrestling history. Chances are he WILL show you some moves, or rather use you to demonstrate some moves. Then you will end up leaving the house with your girlfriend…she holding your hand as you scream in pain while the medical personnel bear you away on a stretcher…with her Dad murmuring in the background under his breath ‘Well I didn’t mean to break his arm. How was I supposed to know he was weak’…

(9) ‘Oh Sir, I’m not into working women and all that. Their place is at home, right (wink, wink)’: Regardless of your views on this please do remain mum! Dad will already picture his little girl barefoot and pregnant and miserable in your house while you come home every evening to demand for your food and quiet from the 7 children you are sure to father and…you get the picture? And Lord help you if Mum hears you and she works…you can be sure she will spoil all your present and future runs with your (soon-to-be-ex) girlfriend.

(10) ‘Well, I think that our Senate President is just an idiot and I really hate all those idiots at the Senate and they should all be publicly lashed..”: Good, good, you have been really vehement about your views…until you realize that Dad is looking at you oddly. ‘The Senate President is my nephew’ he says. And you smile and nod dumbly, wishing the ground could just open up and swallow you then and there. Before making any vitriolic statements about individuals (no matter how well deserved) please do some background checks and see to it that the objects of your vilification are in no way connected to girlfriend’s family.

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lol, lmao

Four Quadruplets Get Accepted Into Yale!

Madonna for Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2010.

by Photographer Steven Klein

Madonna........................Straight MILF material.

Adidas Originals Highrise Sneakers.

The full grain, leather upper is contrasted with a snake emboss on the ankle collar and around the toe-box and eye-stays while the forefoot and heel straps carry through the urban feel of the model. With the 3-Stripes perforated and subtle branding aside from the over-sized Trefoil on the tongue, the adidas Highrise is destined to become another understated classic. It looks to drop in January 2010, at all adidas Originals stores and select retailers.

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Soooo sick..................

MVP Puppet Commercials featuring Kobe and Lebron: Dunking on a reindeer ft. Lupe Fiasco n Krs One

Volna Typhoon Siberia SHCI Watch

Volna is a luxury watch brand with an interesting slogan - "Russian Heritage Swiss Made."

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Lil Wayne intorduces the Young Money Entertainment Roster on the Monique Show

Damn, Weezy got him a mean roster...........................

Love Across Borders: To Be Or Not To Be?

Okay, as usual I am going to bring nollywood into this write up -(Obi no run away o biko). I remember watching a Nollywood flick about 2 years ago called Bafana Bafana which featured two star crossed lovers, one Yoruba and One Igbo who fell in love with each other and decided to get married. Of course both sides of the family had issues with the whole idea of these two getting married because of the stereotypes and often times truths that exists about these two ethnic groups. They went ahead and got married because they loved each other. At the end of the movie - everything was resolved and both sides realized that they were one happy extended family (insert awwwwwwwwwwww here) but let's bring this topic back to reality. We know that it is no big secret that Nigeria with its many ethnic groups, languages and indigenes often times refuses to cross borders when it comes to love. Many groups prefer to marry within their own groups and this idea is fully supported by many parents. But, I have often wondered what happens when a person finds themselves in a different region of Nigeria, Africa, or the world and find themselves in love with someone from that part of the world. Do they say oh my gosh ...hell no only my peeps and no one else?

I remember when one of my family members was actively looking - she refused to go across cultural lines - to her, if the guy wasn't Igbo he shouldn't allow the words - I love you cross his lips because she had no time for that. I once asked her why and she mentioned so many reasons but one of them was that less work was involved in dating someone from her ethnic group in comparison to other ethnic groups....I remember thinking hmmm and oh by the way, she is getting married soon and he is Igbo.

But, I have to admit that I have crossed that cultural line several times (might explain why I am so comfortable with people from certain countries) and personally I really do not see what the big deal is? Of course, if you do decide to cross lines, you have to be open minded, be willing to learn about your significant other, most importantly you must let go of those stereotypes and just be. So to my dear brothers and sisters - the world has some of the most beautiful people both externally and internally - let's mix and mingle.

Question for you:
Have you ever dated beyond your cultural borders? Why or why not?

If you did - what were the problems that you had?

Will you recommend intercultural dating - why or why not?

Will you support and intercultural marriage - why or why not?

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Rihanna Ft Young Jeezy - Go hard(Video + Performance)

This song is so dope, check out the performance on 106 and park as well, they both killed it.


This photo of Kanye and Lady Gaga was shot for the Fame Monster Deluxe Album artwork booklet.

Shot by Photographer Dave LaChapelle

Great pic, mad creative........

Coogi presents Jadakiss

Jadakiss' Coogi Shoot from Coogi on Vimeo.

Look at Coogi, trying to use Jada's street fame to put themselves back on the map...


These glasses are created by Youvision and allow you to record up to 2gb of video footage with the touch of a button.

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Talk about technology...................

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This flyer is soooo Dope!!

Check out the website Midwest-Showcase.com

WHO KNEW???????????????

Yesterday during an appearance on the The View, Alicia Keys reminisced on this classic Cosby Show episode where she won a leg riding title of some sort from Bill Cosby. Check her out at about the 3 minute mark after the jump!

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Time Magazine's Person Of The Year goes to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke

Time magazine says that the controversial figure elected by President Obama who basically steers the United States’ ailing economy is the person that had the most effect on our lives this year. Here were the runners up:

2. Gen. Stanley McChrystal, commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Stengel told TODAY’s Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira that McChrystal came “very close” to usurping Bernanke’s Person of the Year cover: “He really was the prime mover behind the change in Afghanistan strategy.”

3. The Chinese worker — an acknowledgement of an increasingly influential group of people in one of the world’s most powerful economies.

4. Nancy Pelosi, U.S. Speaker of the House.

5. Usain Bolt, Jamaican sprinter and Olympic gold medalist.

And here’s what Time’s managing editor Richard Stengel had to say about the person who probably should have won the award again, “Obama could be Person of the Year every year, but not this year…”.

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What you guys think???

Broad Spectrum Toasting

I had a very interesting discussion last weekend with some of my family members. We were discussing how we met our respective spouses and what we said and did around each other that set off the ‘spark’ that eventually ignited into the full blown flame of matrimony. Simply put, we were discussing the various methodologies and schools of thought of ‘Toasting’ (or ‘tuning’ or ‘chaiking’ or whatever you want to call it) and we came up with several methods.

1) The AGGRESSIVE approach: This method is usually favored by the ‘alpha-male’ type. This involves ‘coming on strong’ to the girl…even if she doesn’t like the guy. This type of guy believes that by bulldozing his way into her life, he can make headway. The typical method of approach for this specie would be something like this: guy walks up confidently to a girl and before she has time to think or gather herself he launches into his speech “I’ve seen you around and I think I like you. I think we would make a good couple. So where do you live and what time can I come and pick you up tonight?” Yes girls, that type does exist. The girl stares at him, gaping, and he thinks she is blown away by his aura and confidence and he starts to feel very good about himself, believing he has made his conquest. In reality, she is wondering where the nearest place of shelter/protection is so she can dash away to safety from this loony.

2) The PITY approach: This guy will approach with a sob story and sad face. The guy will then proceed to appeal to your greater sense of altruism (if you have one and you no be hard chick!) and sense of good. He may do this over a period of a few months or even years (yep, some of them are very persistent) and gradually wear your resistance (and maybe sanity) thin until you capitulate. You will basically look at the dude and think “Kai, omo dis guy try o. He’s not so bad ( yes, he is) and maybe I should give it a try (no, you shouldn’t)”. He will toast you to the point that you will end up going out with him because you feel very sorry for him…which is ALWAYS a bad idea.

3) The ENCIRCLEMENT Strategy: This is by far the most ingenious method as far as I’m concerned. The guy circles his prey slowly, studying her habits and nuances and then he pounces…on her friend, sister or even in some cases her mother. No, I don’t mean he turns his attentions to them – my guy is still very interested in the chick. It’s just that he would rather break down the walls of defense that surround her, and those walls usually comprise of her mother, sisters and friends. He will do this by buying them gifts, lavishing them with effusive compliments and being the general all round nice guy. They will be impressed by him and gradually soften up: pretty soon all the chick will be hearing from them is ‘what a great guy Mr So-and-so is and oh-so-polite and such a gentleman and won’t you go out with him?’ Hah! Mission accomplished! With circle of friends mollified and appeased, my guy now has almost free access to the chick without having to worry about anyone doing ‘black belle’ for him- and thus, our chick almost has no choice in the matter anymore because if she doesn’t go out with the guy, her homies will harass her until she does!

4) The PERSISTENT TO THE POINT OF CAPITULATION Approach: This is one of the most annoying (and common) methods of ‘toasting’. In this case the guy is of the frame of mind that ‘yes’ means ‘no’ and ‘no’ means ‘yes’! Simply said, he believes that the girl couldn’t possibly mean ‘no’ when she says ‘no’ when he asks her out. “She’s just ‘forming’”, he thinks. “She’s playing hard to get”. My guy…the babe doesn’t want to go out with you!!!! But no, he persists…and persists…and persists! This method can easily merge into the PITY Approach because in some cases the girl will agree out of a sense of pity, in a sense rewarding the guy for his endless efforts at pursuing her by going out with him. However, it can also end with her shouting at him, crying, threatening and even in some cases arranging to have him beaten (or a vicious combination of all of the above!) This type of guy can come around month after month and in some particular cases, year after year. Now there is a thin line between true love and obsession (but more on obsession in the next method) and this guy is fast on his way to crossing it. This guy will write love letters (using some fantasmagorical words he got from the dictionary) , burn ‘Love Songs of the 80s’ CDs, buy annoying fuchsia teddy bears with ‘I Love you Beary Much’ written on their tummies, serenade her with “No One like You” by P-Square, and even shed a tear or two when and where the occasion requires- all in a bid to win the girl’s approval.

5) The PSYCHO Approach: This guy isn’t funny: he’s borderline sociopathic and dangerous. He may suffer from delusions and mild to severe schizophrenia- believing himself to be King Arthur and the girl in question his Fair Queen Guinevere. This guy would stalk the girl, sometimes watching her when she is unaware of him and getting obsessed with her. Most of the time this fascination with her fades with time (or he finds another victim) but at other times it doesn’t. This guy is creepy- he can walk up to her and say “You are my Guinevere and I am your Arthur and together we shall live and die in our love! No one can separate us because we are meant to be together FOREVER!” Omo, you say wetin?! Forever ke? DIE KE?! This is her cue to start running and maybe even go to the Police Station (and…ahem…’arrange’ to have him ‘dissuaded’ from his ‘love’ for her, Naija style!).

There you have it, Ladies and Gentlemen! Please feel free to add your own comments and brief me on any School of Thought I have missed! BTW, girls toast too…HER version coming up soon…

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Very interesting.....................

Inspirational 14 Year Old black Investor On Track To Becoming a Millionaire

This is why I cannot excuse the common ignorance that exists in teens today. This young lad is more than an inspiration, and he's about to be worth more money than a good percentage of people on earth at a very early age. I think this is a video everyone needs to see. Please share this video with others.....................


By designer Slavche Tanevsky.

According to the designer, the Ankonian takes the design of the Reventon to the next level, even though the concept itself manages a unique expression. The supercar concept has a more aggressive design, and is downsized to account for a more environment-friendly status, though it does not include any hybrid or similar technologies.

The mid-engined supercar has a narrow and rather complex-looking body, with a garnishing of GT proportions. Thin OLEDs embedded between the surfaces function as headlights, and while all those lines may look weird, the Ankonian supposedly makes the best use of it all. The concept was named after a bull type famous for black hair, and since the designer had some help from professional designers at Lamborghini and Audi, the finished model has impressive looks.

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This Lambo concept is sooooooo sick I'm about to throw up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rappers Maino and Ron Browz in Nigeria for a special performance.

The revolution will be televised, I'm so excited 2010 is gonna be a great year people...........................

The 25 Coolest Sneakers of 2009

Visit link blow for the entire list of sneakers


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NEW MUSIC/VIDEOS: Ikechukwu - The Alliance, Young Money - Pass The Dutch, Styl-Plus – Ready 2 Go, Lil Wayne Feat. Eminem - Drop The World


Critical ft D’Banj

Now Is The Time ft Don Jazzy

It’s All On Me

Louis Vuitton Delectable Handbags

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Need one asap................

Kobe Bryant talks to the lifefiles about Nike, Lebron James, Lil wayne and his new watch the Nubeo Black Mamba

Kobe Bryant Talks Nike, Lil' Wayne & LeBron James With the.LIFE Files! from the.LIFE Files on Vimeo.


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I guess she's definitelty feeling X-rated...............

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Interview Barack Obama For His Nobel Peace Prize Win

Great Interview.......................

Rodney Stuckey Crosses Over Allen Iverson!

Taste of your own medicine........lol

Omega De Ville Co-Axial Chronograph Watch

Naija Husband and Naija Wife Stereotypes by Tribe

Disclaimer: This is not meant to annoy anyone, hurt anyone or make any tribe look superior or inferior. This also is not meant to imply the following criteria applies to everyone in the tribes below... i.e. Not all Efik babes are good in bed. This is purely for laughs and giggles abeg, and also doesn't reflect the views of Jaguda.com

OK. Now that we've gotten that out of the way for all my extra-sensitive people, I'll go ahead. A friend of mine sent this out to my and other friends and I thought it was absolutely hilarious. I mean, I personally think a good amount (NOT ALL) of it is true, but that's just my personal opionion. The thing caused heavy conversation between me and friends and so I decided to share. Enjoy!! If you've seen it before then I'm sure it wont hurt to read again :)



1. He is very loyal

2. He maintains monogamy

3. Could be very yielding/gullible

4. Gives you access to all his assets

5. Follows your advice and directions to the letter

6. Spends money on you for comfort, good looks and happiness

7. Takes care of your kids


1. Could be very unromantic-Romance is limited to spending money, spending money and spending money

2. May be semi-literate or illiterate.

3. May marry you early and deny you of access to life/youth.

4. More likely to be crude and unrefined

5. Always has a large family to cater to and take care of plus apprentices etc

6. May not be presentable

7. May be horrible in bed and/or sexually illiterate/unwillin g to explore.

8. Could be gullible/easy to deceive



1. Could be very romantic.

2. Could be caring

3. Tries to maintain leadership in the home.

4. Disciplines kids well

5. More white-collar career inclined

6. Literacy level is usually high


1. More likely to philander

2. More likely to eventually marry another wife

3. More likely to marry you for your money/connections.

4. Could be highly assertive.

5. Most times you would take care of yourself after a while.

6. You may eventually separate with nothing to show for it.

7. Family members may be given priority.



1. Believes in marriage

2. Takes care of you and your needs.


1. May end up not taking full care of the kids

2. Could be very harsh

3. Does not take any nonsense

4. You may end up taking care of him

5. You cant cheat on him.



1. Believes in marriage

2. Takes care of you and your needs.


1. You may end up taking care of him

2. You cant cheat on him.



1. Will effectively take care of the culinary activities in your absence.

2. Is usually very religious

3. Hardworking

4. Good in bed

5. Quite organised and clean.


1. Be prepared to have 12 kids

2. Your cooking may not be good enough

3. He will either be very ugly or very handsome. no line between. He will also either be very short or very tall. Same with your kids

4. Prepare to have a husband like 25 years older than you in his fifties.



1. Hardly believes in premarital sex.

2. Very religious

3. Takes care of you


1. You may be wife number 4

2. You may be wife number 4 at 14

3. You have absolutely no say in anything, anywhere and anytime.

4. If he passes away, you may be transferred to another family.

Different kinds of Nigerian wives



1 always loyal/faithfully( cheating is outright abomination)

2 very hardworking and self reliant

3 very good cook(banga soup,owo,peppersoup ,sea food specials

4 can persevere even in poverty conditions

5 accommodating if a second wife shows up

6 what u see is what u get kind of attitude

7 would lay down their life for their children


1 agruementative

2 stubborn

3 alcholic tendencies

4 some level of gra- gra

5 very very very vocal



1. Very respectful to husband

2. Very respectful to in-laws

3. Most times educated

4. Yielding and submissive

5. Likes sex.


1. Would most likely have had one kid for another man before you and after you.

2. Will most likely cheat at 65% with one Uncle or Oga at office.

3. Possibly give you another man's kid in between your kids

4. Tells her mother or sisters or friends everything.

5. May jazz you up.

6. Will fill you with pepper, palm oil, assorted and amala.

7. Probably will marry another man even if you split at 60 years of age.

8. If she makes more money than you, or you make less her, the uncles will finally start to drop her off in front of the house with a peck.



1. Loyal to her husband

2. Gives kids good nourishing food with vegetables and many spices.

3. Is very clean.

4. Is ready to fight anybody alongside her husband and break their head or even fight while the husband watches.

5. Even if her husband leaves her at 30, she has only a 3% chance of remarrying after kids.


1. Very disrespectful to everyone including you.

2. After breaking the neighbours' head will one day break yours.

3. Only regards you as a man if you have money.

4. Views love as spending power.

5. May not really love you but will marry you because you are ready and her real lover isn't.

6. Will spend every dime of yours without touching hers

7. Does not tolerate your inlaws and disrespects them.

8. May stop shagging you after 35.

9. If she makes more money than you, or you make less her, she will become VERY insubmissive and her family will finally remember what a useless in-law you are.

10. When there is a fight, her brothers will come and join to break your head.



1. Cannot cheat on you

2. Can also cook good food.

3. Looks after kids and you.

4. Very respectful

5. Most times well endowed.

6. Very thrifty

7. Always has one brother or sister in europe to bail you out in hard times.

8. Does not leave you even if you are semi-dead, quarter dead or dead.

9. If she makes more money than you, or you make less her, she remains loyal but after building 10 houses you have no idea about.


1. May have signed your death day the day you were married.

2. You have a 98.75% chance of dying before her.

3. Eventually you die and she becomes the landlady.

4. Or she may have built her own house while you guys were still staying in a room and parlour without you knowing.

5. May have done runs before you got married.



1. Everything good.


1. If you are not a muslim, no chance.

2. You may eventually have to show her were the promised land is.

3. Even when you do, it must be in the dark.



1. She will load you with so much good food that every other thing is poison

2. She will also f.... your brains out.

3. Also loyal and respectful but will also break your head if you misbehave.

4. Very clean.


1. She will f.... your brains out finally.

2. She will either be very slim, have an extremely large arse or be very short.

3. You will share shaving stick as she may have facial and chest hair.

4. Even if you wanna leave her, the f**king and feeding will keep you coming back for more.



1. If you like to drink, you'll never be short of a partner.

2. She does anything to take care of her kids.

3. She's used to her working while you get high at home.

4. Loyal and respectful.

5. Cannot cheat on you

6. Can also cook good food.

7. Tolerates in-laws


1. She'll short your booze ration.

2. She respects you with serious warning.

3. Very sharp and wise to take action.

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What you guys think?? Is this accurate??


Instead of holding your iPod Nano in your hand, or putting it in your pocket – you can lodge it in one of i360’s new beanie hats.

Price: $49.95

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On Friday – Tiger Woods announced that he would be taking a hiatus from professional golf posting the following on his website:

I am deeply aware of the disappointment and hurt that my infidelity has caused to so many people, most of all my wife and children. I want to say again to everyone that I am profoundly sorry and that I ask forgiveness. It may not be possible to repair the damage I’ve done, but I want to do my best to try.

I would like to ask everyone, including my fans, the good people at my foundation, business partners, the PGA Tour, and my fellow competitors, for their understanding. What’s most important now is that my family has the time, privacy, and safe haven we will need for personal healing.

After much soul searching, I have decided to take an indefinite break from professional golf. I need to focus my attention on being a better husband, father, and person.

Again, I ask for privacy for my family and I am especially grateful for all those who have offered compassion and concern during this difficult period.

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Damn..........They got him.

Wyclef & Keri Hilson Rocking Calabar, Nigeria This Xmas

Storm 360 working with BounceBack Media and the Cross River State Govermnent is proud to deliver Keri Hilson and wyclef Jean in concert at the Stadium in Calabar on Dec 21st, 2009.

Big ups to Storm 360, Bounce Back Media and the Cross River State Governement for putting this together. We should be pushing more shows like this in Nigeria.


Italian humanitarian organization Cesvi held a condom flash mob to raise awareness and funds for women living with aids in Zimbabwe. About 200 students from the university of Milan participated in the flash mob.

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