Monday, January 25, 2010

Drake is the new face of Complex Magazine

Complex magazine did a great interview with ''Drizzy'' Drake, check out the behind the scenes video as well as an excerpt from the intrview. Visit this link to view the full interview....

As smooth as your entry to the rap world was, you only stumbled when people questioned your choices, like the video for "Best I Ever Had."
Drake: You can do something you believe in and people will still say, "This shit is terrible!" But I still believe in Kanye's vision. Maybe we didn't do a great job with getting the point across—it was supposed to be a humorous video. When I read the comments, I was like, Man, I guess no one wants to laugh anymore. Everybody wants the fairy tale, you know?
For an artist who's perceived to be so multifaceted, it was interesting to see people try to put you in a box: "How could he do this? This is degrading to women!"
Drake: If you listen to the lyrics, it's really not a romantic song. It's humorous. Yes, it's great to tell a woman, "You're the best I ever had." But the hook was so lovey-dovey that I just wanted to make the verses some fun shit. And that's how I viewed that song. Like a good time, like a laugh.


Burberry Maserati

What the hell were they thinking??? Does anyone think this is dope???

iToast… My Successful Toasting Ways

So I’ve read the article on Broad Spectrum Toasting and I thought it was downright hilarious. It got me thinking of my most successful one time toasting methods, and I decided that I’d write the best and most successful ways to toast a babe, in my opinion. Keep in mind that for guys, 50% successful rate is considered pretty high as most of us guys have been rejected since we could talk to a babe. With time I started learning the more successful tactics, and knowing which style to use with what babes as not every babe is the same. So here goes:

1.Forming: This is probably the most successful of all my methods. When I say form, I’m not saying form all the time o.. I just mean form sometimes when it’s needed. When is it needed? Ok.. let’s take this example. You know u’re looking on point at some party, bbq, wedding or social gathering, and there is this fine babe that every guy in this world has been approaching since the event started. I mean the babe don tire for guys, but you want to approach too, but if you do then u’re going to get an F immediately cos u’ll fall into one of the many, so what do you? Go hangout with her friends in close proximity to her (hopefully u know one of them). It's better if you go with another guy friend so u don't look weird. Gist with everyone at the table(or vicinity) but barely speak to her. As in just be flirting with the babes to a point where most of the babes at the table wont mind giving you their number, but the babe you’re actually interested in? fashi her side… Besides being cordial, and maybe answering a direct question or two, ignore her. I don’t know what it is, but most fine babes don’t like being ignored. Plus that makes you look like u’re not like every other guy that has been approaching her with “Baby, what’s you name? what’s your sign?” (who started that rubbish line anyways), and you don’t look desperate. Towards the end of the night you can casually approach her without too much aggression and without really putting in the effort, or you can wait till a couple of days later if you know you’re likely to see her again. By this time, the babes have definitely discussed how “cool and down to earth” you were, and so when you finally “run into her” you’ve already had a chance to showcase your personality, and you have a greater chance on snatching her up. All this is assuming you actually have a good personality. I don’t know about everyone else but this works for me about 60% of the time which is pretty high on the guy toasting scale. Toasting success rate: 60%

2.Pose with your fine friend/cousin: I’m not sure how to explain this but a fine babe will always make even the most wor wor guy look a lot better. In my experience, a babe will pay attention to you more if you are with a fine babe. So for me, if I’m going to a party, wedding, banquet or somewhere that will have some toastees, I try to go with one of my finer female friends or cousins. I’m talking, the finest of all of them. The one that will draw attention to herself and indirectly draw some attention to you too. The babe will give u small levels…like “omo see that babe wey this guy dey pull ooo”… no one has to know that she’s your cousin or anything like that until they ask. Of course you make sure babes wey full ground see you with the babe, and you can even go extra by making sure you get your friend drinks and take care of her very well. If na party, you can even dance with the babe sef, and all together have fun. Eventually you can approach the babe you like calmly, and if she’s interested she’ll probably ask, “what about your gf?”… then you can laugh and just say, "oh no that’s my cousin… we came together"Th cos “blah blah blah.” Some babes wont send, and wont ask, but if she saw you then she probably has thought about it but decided not to ask. This method works for me about 40% of the time. The fall out is you risk being considered a woman wrapper, or sometimes your friend is just not fine enough to make anyone think twice, so you’re left being another regular ass dude. Toasting success rate: 45%

3.Effizy: Now most babes might deny this, but girls like effizy. Not arrogant effizy, but low key, big boys move effizy… this can work if you actually have the levels to pull the effizy. Anything from organizing VIP in the club, to knowing the club owner and he sends bottles your way, or even something like seeing the babes outside of a club and telling the bouncer to let “those babes in” without paying. Of course the babe and her 6 friends will be pretty delighted that this guy they don’t even know just let them in. “He must know someone in the club”… “maybe he’s the owner…or promoter”… you’ve sha done small effizy. Sometimes you can just casually send a bottle to their table just cos. Effizy is a pretty wide range of stuff… the way you enter a place, or the car you’re driving, or the big boy gestures you’re doing… all of it is effizy and babes like it. The down side is that some babes actually find all that effizy annoying and more than likely the babes you’ll attract will be babes that are attracted to you because of what you have or seem to have and not based on your actual person. Not all, but a good number. It is what it is. Toasting success rate: 50% (depends on the type of babe you’re trying to attract sha)

4.Don’t speak much: I know this one works pretty well cos my brother uses it to the full extent allowed by law….lol. While I’m out being my typical lively self, by brother is just grabbing attention from babes because he’s just quiet. In most instance, don’t speak until spoken to… barely say much… if they are arguing or having some debate where your opinion is wanted, just make a few statements that make sense and continue forming quiet boy. It can get to a point where you might almost be considered rude sef, but hey… na so you be. You’ll grab the attention of most babes in the room cos you’re on the mysterious side. This works well for the most part. The down side is that you risk being too quiet that you’ll just go unnoticed, and if you’re not a fine boy, no one will even send you message sef. You’ll just be there doing quiet boy for nothing…lol. Lucky enough my brother na fine boy so it works for him. Toasting success rate: 50%

5.Just enter the babe: Now this is one of those hit and miss moves. You’re at an event or a gathering and you see a babe you like, and you just go for it. You get extra liver that day and you don’t send anybody message. You’re just entering the babe full force. She go gree or she no go gree… wetin concern you? This has worked for a lot of people I know, so it has to be pretty effective. Maybe it’s the fact that the guy is bold or aggressive that makes the babe like it. Some babes like that alpha male, aggressive type guy and so it will work out for you. The down side is that a good number of babes don’t like that extra aggressive move, and you might risk looking desperate or maybe being one of those “Why is he not getting the point?” type of guys…lol. Plus you might end up getting the number but it wont lead anywhere… let’s not even forget the risk of getting fake number sef. Babes will do anything to get rid of a guy that is not getting the point. Toasting success rate: 30%

6.Let’s be friends: I don’t know if I can consider this one time toasting per say, cos it’s a gradual, over the course of time, type of move. You’re the babe’s friend, and you guys have been cool since 19**, and always talk every now and then, you’ve had gfs, and she’s had bfs, but you guys have been attracted to each other for a min. You guys end up being single at some point and you’re doing the friend friend thing, and inch closer and closer until eventually you enter the babe’s heart to a point where she starts “considering” you as a potential… you’ll hear the typical “I feel like he understand me very well”, "We know each other like the back of my hand" and of course the comfort level is already there so it looks to everyone that this is a match made in heaven if it works out. Risk? Once you enter the friend zone it’s pretty hard to come out. Once the babe labels you as “brother,” “bestie,” or even worse “bff” then there’s very little hope for you. Let's not even think of when she starts hooking you up with her best friends. That means, she can’t even see you as a fine boy sef… you’re just her friend. “I can’t even imagine being with him… it’ll be weird.” Toh… that mean say nothing for you and you’ll have to endure countless tales of all her guys for the rest of your life…lol. Toasting success rate: 40%


Brittney Griner vs ''Air Up There'' Exclusive

Brittney Yeaette Griner (born October 18, 1990) is a college basketball player at Baylor University. In 2009, she was named the "nation's number 1 player" in American high schools by was also selected to be on the 2009 McDonald's All-American Girls basketball team. Brittney is 6'8" (203 cm) tall, and has been variously reported as wearing a US men's size 17 or 18 shoe. In this video she enters into a slan dunk tournament with AND 1 street ball player ''Air Up There'' a.k.a Mr. 720................Enjoy

Hell Hath no Fury like a woman scorned

Head of Tech Company Oracle Charles Phillips became one of the world's most famous men when 4 new billboards two in New York, one in Atlanta and one in San Fransisco were rolled out with a picture of himself and a woman named YaVaughnie Wilkins. Obviously Charles Phillips did not authorize these new billboards which feature him hugged up with this woman under the words “Charles and YaVaughnie” with the quote “You are my soulmate forever” and the URL for a site named

Charles Philips spokesperson released this statement:

“I had an 8½-year serious relationship with YaVaughnie Wilkins. My divorce proceedings began in 2008. The relationship with Ms. Wilkins has since ended and we both wish each other well.”


Now if that was my pic on a billboard..................No comment!!!!!!! lol


Beyonce and Jay-z holding oranges (not hands) at an airport in France.

Lauryn Hill performing “Doo Wop (That Thing)” at the Raggamuffin 2010 festival in New Zealand.

WOOOW!! Looks like Lauryn still got it........
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