Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Just got the news that the legendary GURU of the iconic rap group ''Gangstarr'' just passed this morning at the young ag of 43 due to cancer complications. May his soul rest in Peace, my prayers go out to his entire family and DJ Premier the other half of Gangstarr.....One of the realest emcees to ever touch a mic...always will be a fan...

EXCLUSIVE:Manish Law releases new online single ''SIXTYSICK''

Manish Law and Buckhead Entertainment present Manish Law's new online single ''SIXTYSICK'' featuring Black Jackson and prod by Corey J. Listen and download the single using the link below and enjoy............


Sick, sick just sick, dude's talent is superhuman lol!!

Recycled Circuit Board Creations

Circuit Board Car
Extremely unusual car decorated with recycled circuit boards.

Circuit Board Shoes
Stylish shoes created from printed circuit boards by Steven Rodrig.

Circuit Board Sneakers
Nike sneakers created by Gabriel Dishaw from old computer parts

Circuit Board Guitar
Miniature electric guitar made from the innards of an MP3 player.

Circuit Board Notebook
Cool ring-bound notebook made from a recycled circuit board.

Circuit Board Necklace
Necklace made from circuit boards and magnets by Christoph Koch.

Circuit Board Fan
Hand-held fan made from old circuit boards and vinyl records.

Circuit Board Dress
Stylish dress and handbag created by Fabio Renaldo from recycled computer chips for the Eco Chic fashion show in Indonesia.

Circuit Board Clock
Laser etched clock where the numbers have been replaced by a variety of schematic and logic symbols.

Circuit Board Clipboard
Clipboard made from recycled motherboard that might otherwise have ended up in a landfill.

via toxel.com

Dope ish!!!!!!

NEW MUSIC/VIDEOS: B.o.B featuring Eminem & Hayley Williams-Airplanes Part 2, Iceberg Slim – Goodbye

Sick track, the chick on the hook is rather dope, B.o.B is definitely a rising star, love the music he brings to the table......And Em is obviously a legend.

IceBerg Slim - Goodbye

Iceberg Blue Spread EXCLUSIVE: Iceberg Slim   Goodbye

Naija DJs Summer Jam June 4th – 5th 2010 (Promo Video)

Thomas Wylde: Never Mind Shirt

Price: $650

via necolebitchie.com

As you guys can see there are alot of curse words and phrases on this shirt lol, and it looks like Mrs Carter is definitely a fan, she wore it at her recent Coachella performance with husband Jay-z......The design is cool I must say!!

Welcome Home: Ludacris & Mystikal Perform "Move B......" For The First Time In 9 Years!

Welcome home Mystikal, love this song, eventhough it was responsible for so many fights, violent acts and etc lol..........
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