Friday, March 5, 2010

Water Powered Jetpack

Water Powered Jet Pack from on Vimeo.

Jetlev Flyer is an innovative personal flying machine with a powerful engine that drives two jet streams of water to achieve stable and controlled flight.

Standard water powered jet pack can reach an altitude of 10 m, top speed of 65 km/h and has a cruising duration of 1 - 2 hours


King Of Diamonds- Baby Showing Off New Jewelry! Says Hes Putting 4 More Stars On His Head

lol.......Baby been stuntin for years though!!!!!!

Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Tuareg

Available at Louis Vuitton stores for US$2950.

Complexion Obession: Melyssa Ford & Toccara Give Their Opinions Of Light Skin In 'Complexion Obsession' In Hip Hop Part 2

Personally I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder, everyone has thier preferences but at the same time you can't deny beauty whether it be light skinned or dark skinned. Yes most light skinned women are beautiful and very appealing but so are dark skinned women, brown skinned women etc. It just really depends on what you are looking for, personally I don't discriminate lol, It just depends on what I'm attracted too, and trust me it's more than looks............

Ahhh… You should get with her. She’s from a good home.

Ok. No offense to anyone that “is from a good home,” but I have to enter this phrase very well. I’m talking to my older cousin the other day and in one of her numerous efforts to hook me up with one babe or another, she urges me to take a chance on some girl by saying, “She’s a very good girl… she comes from a very good home.” Ok, now... no wahala. Let's see how it goes. So I do my own research on the babe (as anyone should do), and let's just say I got a not-so-good review on the babe. From being a lil psycho from what a good number of people I know said, I also found out she was into some not so legit runz in jand, and at one time was a pretty well known aristo babe in Uniben. Chei!!! Na wa oo... So this one nah person from good home. Not being too judgmental, but that's not exactly what my cousin probably had in mind when she said the babe is from a good home.

But then I started thinking... I'm from a "good home" too, and I've done some stuff that I don't think my parents will be particularly proud of, so what's with the "good home" stuff. I'm not saying that your family background is not important, but it does not guarantee the kind of person you are as an individual. I know people from messed up families that are good people, and vice versa. Example?... Check our dear friend Farouk Abdul-Mutallab... I'm sure most will say he's from a "good family." Heck even the Bin Laden family is apparently a "good family."

It seems like a lot of times that’s the only thing our parents, uncles and aunties seem to be concerned about or it's on top of the list. I’m sure you can meet a drug dealer and 19 boy or ashawo tomorrow that is from a “good home.” I mean… a lot of parents don’t know what their kids do outside the house anyways. Of course we all come home and join bible study, be respectful in the house, act well and such, but the moment we enter plane to school or wherever we live, we’re back to doing the things we don’t want our parents to know we’re doing… myself included.

Now before some people descend on me, I’d like to say a person's family background is important, and should not be looked over, but just because “she’s from a good home” doesn’t mean she’s a good person, and I also understand that some folks are very open with their parents about any and everything they do, so it could be that some parents know what their kids are doing, but still, I'll put my majority on most parents don't know some stuff we as their children have done or are doing, and so what is displayed at home is far from what the person might actually be like when outside the home.

Anyways.., summary of my gist here is I don’t buy that “she’s from a good home” stuff. It’s cool… but that doesn’t mean that I’ll start buying palmwine and looking for route to her village because she’s from a good home. Wetin be good home sef? Me too sef be from good home but I know say some tings wey i dey do no go fly too well with Male & Pale


NEW MUSIC/VIDEOS: Lil Wayne (Feat. Eminem) – Drop The World, Djinee - Overkillin (Official Video), Drake -Its Over(1st Official Single)

You can always trust Chris Robinson to deliver on music videos when he's behind the camera...The video is so dope..

Love this track, shouts out to Chocolate City

The track is cool, but not a good 1st single in my opinion

Chili from TLC has a new reality show

Are her standards to high???

Jay-Z and Beyonce visit the White House with friends and family

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