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Singer Jon wins the first edition of Naija Sings taking home $100,000

The debut season of MNet’s Naija Sings has got its winner and his name is Jon Ogah. The humble yet talented 18 year old beat out all the other contestants at the finale – his voice and stage presence set him above fellow top 3 finalists – Tarila and Tamara. The finale was an exciting and glittering event! There was a performance from Wande Coal and then the Top 3 finalists all performed duets with established stars. Jon with J Martins, Tarila with GT Guitarman and Tamara delivered a saucy performance with Faze. Jon walks away with a cheque for $100,000 and a record contract with Storm Nigeria.

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Check out a couple of Performances by Jon as well as his classic cover performance of The legendary Fela Kuti's song ''Lady''

Piano stairs - The fun theory

So it seems these guys rigged a subway staircase in Stockholm next to the escalator with sensors creating the noise of piano keys hoping it would get more people to actually bend their knees by making it fun. Their idea actually worked, here's what they had to say ''We believe that the easiest way to change people's behaviour for the better is by making it fun to do. We call it The fun theory''. Check out more of their fun vids on their website

Ferrari P4/5


The weekend car lol.................

NEW MUSIC/VIDEOS: Teeto ft Suspect – Oshamo, Rakim - Walk These Streets ft Maino, Rocksteady ft Sound Sultan – Common Sense, Wyclef jean - Shotta

Dealing with the recession: Finding a job with an ehtnic name.

Does your name matter when it comes hiring decisions? Many times it does - even more so when you factor in race. In fact, the way names of people from different races are perceived may provide some insight into why the black unemployment rate is sky-high at 15.1 percent - almost double the 8.9 percent for whites - and has remained nearly twice the average of whites for some 30 years.
According to a study for the National Bureau of Economics, resumes and applications with names more commonly given to white Americans were 50 percent more likely to be contacted for job interviews than those applicants with names more associated with black Americans.
It has also been found that employers download resumes from applicants with "white names" - such as Molly and Daniel - 17 percent more often than those of applicants with "black names" like Maesha and Darius. Some speculate that it is not about race but that names are indicative of social background. Either way, assumptions are being made independent of a person's capabilities.
Instead of getting depressed or wondering whether or not we should give our children less culturally telling names, it's best to ask how we can overcome the lingering racial biases in the minds of too many hiring managers. We have to become stealth job seekers and have a strategy that makes an HR professional's stereotype of what a Teisha or Tyrone is capable of crumble at the sight of a gifted, black professional.
For African-American candidates, being aware of which subtle social and racial contexts you need to overcome is key to outperforming the competition. I remember a psychologist and executive career coach telling me that most African-Americans do not realize that once you have the job interview, the employer already feels you are qualified but needs to determine if you are a "fit" with the organization. Do you "fit" in with the other employees? Do you have a high likeability factor? "Fitting" often requires nimble choreography in today's contemporary career dance.
Since many whites have had limited experience working and being with blacks in social settings as colleagues and friends, a good deal of their impressions of African-Americans are based on the barrage of negative images that saturate the airwaves. Consequently, we have to show examples of who we really are and define our own achievements even more than our white counterparts. So how do we ensure our voice is heard, and that we have a chance in the bid for employment?
Here are 5 strategic job search moves to help increase your chances of getting an offer:
1. Change your name (temporarily). If you have a name more commonly found in our community, consider adapting your name or using a middle name that is less telling of your cultural background for your job search campaign. Remember, this is about marketing yourself and just as marketers use slick advertising to win the hearts of customers, you have to do whatever it takes to get in the door.
For example, if your name is "Daquan Justin Woods." Go with "Justin Woods" for now, you can always change it up once you get the job. Or, how about combining your first and middle initials? "DJ woods" is a lot more race-neutral.
Now you may be asking, 'Why should you change who you are?' That's not the suggestion at all. This is merely a strategic and offensive tactic to overcome bias in the hiring process and to allow employers to meet you and evaluate you in person versus never giving you the opportunity to sell yourself at all.
2. Never put your address on your resume. In this digital age, there's no reason to disclose your address. Your email and phone number are enough for employers to contact you. It's not uncommon for hiring managers to note where you live and to make assumptions of your race and status based on zip codes.
What about e-applications? Only put your address if it's absolutely required. One of my white friends told me that they use their parents' address, which is in a very affluent neighborhood. So that goes to show that everyone is aware of zip code profiling and the impact it has on perception.
3. Conquering phone interviews. Can people discriminate against you based on if you "sound black?" Absolutely. It's not about sounding "black" or "white," it is a matter of communicating clearly and articulately so that people can not linguistically profile you. How you communicate on the phone, your tone, and your ability to express yourself go a long way in selling your talents. Every company wants to hire someone who can communicate effectively. Find an honest friend, ask them to interview you or tape record yourself. Do you say "umm," or "basically" too much? If so, practice your public speaking. Try joining a local Toast Masters chapter to enhance your communication skills and to be more comfortable speaking in front of groups.
4. Energy. An interview, whether it be on the phone or face-to-face, is a performance. So bring your A-game. Pump yourself up mentally, get excited, be happy and smile especially if you are on the phone - it will amplify your voice and indicate confidence.
5. Stand out from the crowd of candidates. Bring a portfolio or a sample of a previous project or a plan of action showing that you've already thought about the job and how you might tackle upcoming projects. Show your creativity. If you are applying for a marketing position; prepare a short one-page marketing plan. Do something different that is memorable and shows your intellect.
Ultimately, we would all like to think that race is still not a factor when it comes to hiring processes and does not influence decisions. However, empirical data just doesn't support a completely unbiased hiring process. When we identify the obstacles and combat them with a stealth offense to get in the door, we have better control in defining who we are as individuals and showing that we are indeed the right fit for the job.


The Last of the Parmigiani Bugatti Type 370s

Watch collectors know Parmigiani Fleurier as the purveyor of some of the most coveted and intricate timepieces in existence. Exotic automobile enthusiasts know it as the company deemed prestigious enough to craft a timepiece to accompany the legendary Bugatti Veyron.

Now that Bugatti is moving on from the Veyron and towards the new Galibier, Parmigiani has fine-crafted an intricate tourbillon timepiece to accompany the new super-saloon. But before Veyron production ends and along with it the production of the Type 370, Parmigiani Fleurier is paying tribute to the Alsatian automaker's centenary with a two unique examples of its sideways-mounted manual timepiece.

One made of 18-karat rose gold and another of platinum 950, the two final examples of the highly intricate Bugatti Type 370 wristwatch were crafted and handed over to master engraver Philippe Bodenmann, who put 300 manhours into each, hand etching complex designs into the watches' cases. They're fastened to the wrist by a calfskin strap provided by Hermes, and are sure to be as priceless as a Bugatti supercar.


The New LEGION Trailer - In Theaters 1/22/10

Now this is definitely a must see.


Jackson never lived in the home but it is being marketed as Michael Jackson's Wonderland. He planned to buy the Primm Compound in Las Vegas and make it his home after his London concerts. The article said that Jackson planned to call the home "Wonderland." The estate, which was then listed at $25 million offers a variety of security features that appealed to him as well as other dramatic features like a pool with a waterslide, waterfalls and a grotto guest suite built inside a cave. he 10-bedroom compound has secret tunnels and many of the home's doors are bulletproof. Another detail that Jackson would have appreciated is the panic room with its own oxygen supply.

The gated compound is on ten acres and in addition to the pool there is also an equestrian center, basketball and tennis courts, golf driving range, and underground shooting range which could be turned into a recording studio. The 20-car showroom also has a deionized-water car wash and gas station. Other details include an elevator, a 5000-bottle wine cellar and tasting room, a screening room, casino game room, library, trophy room, gym and a professional beauty salon.

Move Trends reports that the home is now listed for $16.5 million.


Meet Amy Winehouse’s New Artist – Dionne!

signed to Amy’s Lioness Records label earlier this year and is only 13 years old..

1 of 1 Kanye West Air Yeezy's size 12 Worn at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards for The Doernbecher Charity which sold for $16,500. Great PICS INSIDE!!!

Roberto Cavalli’s ‘Suede Sculpted Heel’ Boot

Price: $1365



As os Tuesday Oct 6th via

This afternoon, CBS News jumped the gun by reported the following:

NEW YORK (CBS) New York Rapper Shyne was released from prison today after serving more than eight years for his role in a 1999 New York night club shooting involving mentor Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and actress Jennifer Lopez.

A Clinton Correctional Facility staffer confirmed his release.

But MTV News followed up with a correction….Shyne is actually still in federal custody, pending a review of his immigration status:

“Representatives for the rapper revealed to MTV News that the Brooklyn MC is being detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement at an unspecified facility in Western New York State. Officials are determining whether or not to deport the rapper, who was born in Belize, a rep explained.

“Shyne is currently in federal custody while his future immigration status is determined,” the rep said in a message to MTV News. Shyne attorney Oscar Michelen emphasized to MTV News on Tuesday afternoon that Shyne has not been released, contrary to media reports.”

This is worrisome for his fans. Insiders knew of a looming deportation threat throughout his parole process. And there were many steps being taken to try to resolve them…even hopes that powerful connections to Belizean officials would be able to help. We will have to wait and see what happens.

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Update: Wed: I just got word that Shyne met with some of his family this morning though it's not clear who, but there were a lot of tears in the room. While Shyne is no longer being held in a jail cell, he's still held in a room waiting to deported. The family has been told that they should proceed as if he's going to be deported back to Belize. Shyne is currently being held by ICE (Immigration & Custom Enforcement) being prepped for deportation until they are told not to send him back to Belize. Let's hope some sort of last minute deal can get worked out. I will let y'all know of any developments I hear.

Update: So here is what I know so far, that family has been told to prepare for Shyne to be deported. They've reached out to Gov Patterson, but this issue is out of his hands because it's a federal issue so there isn't much he can do. He is trying to pull some strings but things are not looking good for Shyne Po. Let's pray for Shyne

Update: I've just learned that Shyne has only learned of his pending deportation only 3 hours ago. This unfortunately set back is causing a lot of chaos and drama for a family who has been w/o Shyne for the last 10 years. The family has reached out to Gov. Patterson but word is and I quote "It does not look good". Developing

UPDATE: GG has just learned That Shyne will be deported by Friday and US Immigration & Customs have given his family 24 hours to see Shyne before he is sent back to Belize. The family is heading to see Shyne now was we speak 5:25pm EST Developing

This is messed up, why are they deporting Shyne Po? Hasn't he done his time, has he not paid his debt to society? How the hell do we teach the children of tomorrow about forgiveness and being fair to others if we continue to act the way the American Government does. I guess all hope is lost in this country they call great!!

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