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Check out this article that has got the Nigerian Music Industry a little shaken up. It's titled ''A Nation's Identity crisis'' by Reuben Abati

Our dear country is now "naija" or "nija". What happened to the "-eria" that Ms Shaw must have thoughtfully included? The new referents for Nigeria are now creeping into writings, conversations, and internet discourse. I am beaten flat by the increasing re-writing of the country's name not only as naija or nija, but consider this: "9ja". Or this other name for Nigeria: "gidi". There is even a television programme that is titled "Nigerzie". In addiiton, Etisalat, a telecom company has since adopted a marketing platform that is titled: "0809ja." Such mainstreaming of these new labels is alarming.

This obviously is the age of abbreviations. The emerging young generation lacks the discipline or the patience to write complete sentences or think through a subject to its logical end. It is a generation in a hurry, it feels the constraints of space so much, it has to reduce everything to manageable, cryptic forms. This is what the e-mail and text message culture has done to the popular consciousness. Older generations of Nigerians brought up on a culture of correctness and compeleteness may never get used to the re-writing of Nigeria as "9ja". Language is mutatory, but referring to the motherland or the fatherland in slang terms may point to a certain meaninglessness or alienation. What's in a name? In Africa, names are utilitarian constructs not merely labels. Even among the Ijaw where people bear such unique names as University, Conference, FEDECO, Manager, Heineken, Education, Polo, Boyloaf, Bread, College, Summit, Aeroplane, Bicycle, Internet - there is a much deeper sense to the names. But the name Nigeria means nothing to many young Nigerians. They have no reason to respect the sanctity of the name.

The post-modernist, deconstructive temper of emergent youth culture is even more manifest in the cynical stripping to the bones character of today's Nigerian hip-hop. It is marked by a Grunge character that shouts: non-meaning and alienation. On my way to Rutam House the other day, I listened at mid-day to a continuous stream of old musical numbers from 93.7 Radio FM. Soulful, meaningful tunes of Felix Lebarty, Chris Okotie (as he then was), Mandy Ojugbana, Christy Essien-Igbokwe, Onyeka Onwenu, Sony Okosun, Alex O, Ras Kimono, Majek Fashek, Evi Edna-Ogoli, Bongos Ikwue, Veno Marioghae, Uche Ibeto, Dora Ifudu...

Music is about sense, sound, shape and skills. But there is an on-going deficit in all other aspects except sound. So much sound is being produced in Nigeria, but there is very little sense, shape and skills. They call it hip-hop. They try to imitate Western hip pop stars. They even dress like them. The boys don't wear trousers on their waists: the new thing is called "sagging", somewhere below the waist it looks as if the trouser is about to fall off. The women are struggling to expose strategic flesh as Janet Jackson once did. The boys and the girls are cloaked in outlandish jewellery and their prime heroes are Ja-Rule, Lil'Wayne, Fat Joe, P. Diddy, 50 Cents, Ronz Brown, Chris Brown, Sean Kingston, Nas, Juelz Santana, Akon, Young Jeezy, Mike Jones, T-Pain, F.L.O-RIDA,, Beyonce, Rihanna, Ciara, Keri Hilson, Jay-Z, Ace hood, Rick Ross

And so the most impactful musicians in Nigeria today, the ones who rule the party include the following: D'Banj, MI, Mode Nine, Sauce kid, Naeto C, Sasha, Ikechukwu, 9ice, Bouqui, Mo'cheddah, Teeto, P-square, Don-jazzy, Wande Coal, 2-face, Faze, Black Face, Dr. Sid, D'prince, K-Switch, Timaya,

I only posted bits and pieces of this article. If you would like to read the entire article click on the link below

Willy Northpole and his #1 Sidechick.

I just thought this pick was sooo gangsta.. Check out the song #1 sidekick below. It features Bobby Valentino.

Willy Northpole feat. Bobby Valentino - #1 Side Chick [NEW SONG 2009]

Bracket Ft J Martins-Ada Owerri

Nigerian artists are blowing up everywhere man. Check out this song called Ada Owerri.


Check out this article via about how men feel about no sex in a relationship. I thought it was pretty interesting.

Written by Original Mgbeke

Lately I’ve been pondering on this issue of sex in a relationship and why it is SO important to men. I keep having conversations with guys who insist that if their girls aren’t giving it up then she got to go. They say things like ‘body no be firewood o’ or ‘Even if I agreed to not wait with her till marriage, I would have a jump off on the side’. I’ve even heard things like ‘You have to test drive the car before you buy it’ and even worse…’If she isn’t giving it up, she will be NEXTED’.I once had a conversation with a guy who had been in a 5 year relationship and when I asked the no sex question, he replied and told me that if his girlfriend had asked him to wait till marriage, they would not have lasted for 5 years. Read the rest of the article by clicking on the link below

9ice-Bekun Bekun (Fresh 2009 Terry Terry G Production)

Nigerian Superstar 9ice is back with another hit produced by up and coming nigerian artist/producer Terry G.

District 9 New Official HD Trailer

This looks like its gonna be a pretty good movie...

Nike Dunk high pack NYLON Magazine saga....


Chamillionaire - Denzel Washington Ft. ZRO

Looks like Chamill is back withe his Mixtape Messiah series. Check out that Mixtape Messiah 7.

Pics of some of your favorite celebrities out and about

Rihanna always looking so fly and sexy.. Damn!!!! does she know
what a dress down day is??
Serena Williams hmmmmm????? Fly or not???

Robin thicke and his wife, damn she's sexy.

Kanye West and Amber Rose. Thought everyone said they had broken up.

Drake with Amber and her BFF, on the set of Drake's ''Best I ever had'''video set.

Will and Jada out and about, still married after so many years.

Queen Latifah out and about pumping gas in L.A

Lil wayne and one of his breezes.

Lebron James and his girl spotted in Paris.

Lala vazquez and her pink Range Rover

Kobe and Vanessa.

Audemars Piguet Adopts A Highway In A Limited Edition Watch

The steel-cased watch has some unique colorings that include the off-white dial with lots of aquamarine trim against some chocolate brown. The avant garde colors look nice against the handsome classic watch. Inside is an in-house made Audemars Piguet automatic chronograph movement that is in most of the Royal Oak Offshore chronograph watches. The watch comes in a special box for the limited edition also meant to celebrate the famous highway. In opposition to the title of the article, no money (as far as I know) is going to the highway itself, but you get the symbolic connection. The Montauk Highway watch will be available in New York City, Long Island, and Bal Harbour Florida for $20,500.

Step your watch game up u so called swagger having wackos.....

via the

The Lairmont Place in Las Vegas

In the hills above Las Vegas, luxury homes abound. In the gated community of Dragon Ridge is where you'll find this home on Lairmont Place. And what a lair it is. This six-bedroom palace features one incredible feature in the main space, a three-story waterfall. The property is oriented toward the view and features large glass windows for observing the desert and the city in the distance. The family room opens out onto a large patio. Take the elevator down to the lower level of the home and you will discover a massage room, wet bar and lounge and a home theater. The owner's suite has a balcony, beautiful views and a large bathroom with marble accents. It is listed at $10 million.


Check out the super luxurious yacht ''The Sunseeker Predator 108''

The Predator 108 is in a class of its own. This craft offers lavish accommodation, and entertainment spaces are complemented by a range of leisure options.

Stylish and comfortable below deck, there are a host of practical features above, allowing you to get you to your destination quickly and safely.

The Sunseeker sports craft are designed around a deep V, twin-stepped hull, offering power without compromising handling.

Charter - As well as boat sales, Sunseeker also offer a world-class charter experience. If you're thinking of investing in your own Sunseeker boat, or if you simply want the ultimate luxury holiday, chartering with Sunseeker is an unforgettable experience


Rihanna - Te amo with lyrics NEW SINGLE JUNE 2009

Good to Rihanna back out there doing her thing, her voice is so golden.


Retail at $2,395. Ladies pretty hot right???

Pics of Citroen Gt concept.

The production version, which could be built in about 20 units, could have the electric powertain replaced by a more conventional V8 engine and would have a very exclusive price tag, given the fact that Citroen does not intend to lose money with the limited series.Should it be approved, a first model could appear at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, with first deliveries expected for 2010.
This concept is so DOOOOPE!!!!!!

Lil Wayne Performs Kobe Bryant Live!!!! at Lakers Party

Hot song!!!!!

Unusual and creative tissue boxes

Stone Statue tissue box

Magic hat tissue box
Shakespeare tissue box

Talking tissue box

Parachute tissue box

Perfect slice of summer tissue box

Appel G4 cube tissue box

These are so dope, talk about creativity

50 Cent - vitaminwater Commercial - Welcome Dwight Howard

50 is such a genius, he created a character out of a beef he had with Rick Ross, now his character will go on to have a career of its own lol.

Gucci Mocassins

Gucci moccasins with signature web and rubber sole.
light brown leather with green/red/green web and beige/ebony GG plus trim.
retail at $395

These are so grown..


The Guiseppe Zanotti sculptured Leather boots.

These are pretty cool, a different look....I know a few ladies that could probably pull these off though.

The Louis Vuitton Jump Sneaker and Clipper Sneaker

LV Jump Sneaker in Canvas (blue/white), $485

LV Clipper Sneaker in Calf Leather (white/grey), $530

I definitely need a pair of these.


Ryan Leslie - Something That I Like (Feat. Pusha T) [Final Version]

Ryan Leslie is the new age babyface, singer,songwriter,producer,dancer, and even rapper. SALUTE!!!!


Definitely hot!!!
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