Friday, February 12, 2010

Kanye West punches Jay Leno, then Donald Trump fires him (Comedy Spoof)

Nigerian/American rapper Wale Performs 'Beautiful Bliss' On 106 & Park

Kourtney Kardashian

I mean Kim is beautiful don't get me wrong but I've always thought there was something soooooooooooooo sexy about Kourtney........I mean look at her!!


Ways to Know: He's Just Not That Into You

It is often said that if women spend half the amount of time spent looking for the right mate as we spend on choosing an outfit for a date, we would suffer far less heartbreaks. Before heading to work one day last week, I watched a piece on relationships from one of the national morning shows. They highlighted a study stating that 25% of married women knew within only a few weeks of dating that their now husband was the one. But what about the other 75% I thought?? How do they know when?

It is extremely important to dot all your i's and cross all your t's when you are considering a mate for life. Even 50 Cent put his two cents in saying, the biggest decision you will make in your life is made outside of the boardroom, it's about choosing your mate. So we thought we would help you compile a list of helpful yet humorous tips for those of us who are not in that 25% bracket:

"Mr. Perfect": If his resume reads like the perfect gentleman but his actions speak otherwise - run like a bat out of hell!! Nothing traps a woman more than a man who all her friends hate her for but in private he's a monster.

No respect for his parents:
If he makes you squirm by the way he speaks to his parents - he will be no different towards you.

If within a year of feeling each other out and the items on both your uncompromising list are still there such as, he want kids but you don't or he wants you to stay home and raise the family but you want to be a working mom. Don't spend time HOPING to change his mind if you don't plan on changing yours either.

Buddy or Boyfriend: If you are ashamed to be with him in public due to his intellectual or physical statue but the sex is so great.....please don't believe that you have a "relationship".

Baby mama drama: If he already has a child but for some reason just can't seem to provide any support and gives up on being a part of the child's life...DO NOT think you are different and he won't do the same to you

The change syndrome:
If you met your man when he was still with another woman and you have somehow convinced yourself that "you're" different and the same thing won't happen to you in the future...please stop, now!

Commitment: If he is not wiling to commit after months (not years), let it go. He has growing to do and you are not getting any younger.

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