Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Koko Mansion aired 3/07/09 1 of 5

Koko Mansion aired 3/07/09 2 of 5

Koko Mansion aired 3/07/09 3 of 5

Koko Mansion aired 3/07/09 4 of 5

A first look at Ron Artest in a lakers Jersey.

Well laker haters, we might have lost Trevor Ariza but it looks like we'll be just fine with a much better Ron Artest. Wooow, I can't believe it actually happened, I wanted Ron Artest to come to the Lakers like 2 years ago but I guess Kobe had to win one by himself first lol, now he can share with others. The lakers are definitely back in the finals next year and all i can say is ''WE WANT BOSTON, WE WANT BOSTON'' lol.

Just Cavalli Luxury Leather Shoes for Men

Price: $179.99


Michael Jackson Text Potrait by Ben Heine


Nike Dunk Low White/University Blue-Navy Blue


Uniques artwork by Adrien DONOT

Adrien Donot, is a graphic designer living in Les Mureaux, France.

NYC Subway Map Dress

Massimo Vignelli's iconic New York City subway dress!"Vintage New York City subway map provides a clever, colorful print atop a sweetly styled silk dress with a fitted bodice and full, pleated skirt. "

Price: $249

Does Chris Brown's dancing show he is next Michael Jackson at P.Diddy's All White Party 2009?


Alright so I assume y'all know about Drake. The up-and-coming buzzed about rapper from Toronto? Well he also happens 2 be Lil Wayne’s prodigy. Anyway, I’m from Toronto and in the Summer of ‘08, me and my girls were chillin’ at a club called Guverment (Toronto hotspot that’s known for hosting parties with celebs), the night was average, but who walks in but Drake and his crew. Now I ain’t usually checking for light skin guys that tough, especially with his build (I like ‘em NFL style lol). So I’m ordering drinks for my girls and I hear someone literally breathing on my neck, I’m like WTF and its Drake, looking all shiny and clean, he was like I’mma pick up the tab for you ladies blah blah blah, so we kicked it in the VIP with his boys for a couple of hours. Close up time rolls around and he’s like my new condo ain’t too far from here. At this point all my girls were all situated so I’m like “what the hell why not?”

We get to his condo and let me tell u, this boy’s crib was SPOTLESS. Girl I’m talkin’ living lovely, beautiful view etc. We kicked it on the balcony smoked a blunt and all the while he played a few songs from his soon 2 be released mix tape SO FAR GONE. When “Best I Ever Had” came on I was ready 2 get it on and poppin’. He kissed me softly and deep, his kissing game was on point, all the while he had his index finger in my spot, had me soppin’ wet. He put my back against the wall of the balcony and fingered me while we kissed he picked me up and took that to the bedroom (again spotless) laid me down slow and told me “Get ready to ride the pony express.” I can’t lie that was a corny ass line, but by this point I was completely enthralled. His dick was AMAZING, long and thick, pretty head, big balls like you would not believe. I licked sucked and handled that for a good 20 minutes till he busted on my titties. We cleaned up and he said “Ready for round 2?” He spread my legs I was ready for the d*ck, but instead he gave me the tongue. Omg, he was lappin’ that p*ssy like a kitten and if I wasn’t already wet he made sure. He put the d*ck in slow and took it out fast. I was going crazy. He wanted it from the back, he slapped my ass, bit my neck. When he hit it from the back and he played with the clit at the same time. That sh*t had me so far goooooooone. Ha! I busted and he came like 10 mins after. The next morning he gave me $100 to cab back to my place. Which was at the other end of the city.

I would DEF rate him a 5/5. He knew how to make a one-nighter feel like his real girl, soft and sensual like.

We kept in touch, texting back in forth and he was always a gentleman, but he was too focused on dropping the mix tape and the rest is history...


Max B- Never Wanna Go Back

FREE MAX B...............

Porsche: Legend

Being the huge fan of porsches that I am, you know I loved this commercial. It takes a certain kind of man to ride a Porsche.

Sony's HDR-CX520V and HDR-CX500V Camcorders

Sony just announced two new HD camcorders, both shooting in full HD and snapping 12-megapixel photos.

The HDR-CX520V comes with 64GB of internal flash memory, while the HDR-CX500V comes with 32GB. The big feature Sony is touting is Face Touch, which lets you select a face on the touchscreen viewfinder and have the camera automatically focus on that person no matter where they are in the frame. It also has advance image stabilization tech on board. Also, GPS features let you geotag your videos, so you can figure out exactly where you were when you got video of the chupacabra. Also special to the cams is their low light boost, which uses a backlight CMOS sensor for double the light sensitivity.
They're both gonna be released in September for $1,100 and $1,300.


Josh Xantus First Time Video


Martin Margiela Sci Fi Sunglasses

Price: $450.00


What y'all think? For real though, WTF? Who is gonna sport these bad boys? Contrary to what I think I'm sure there are many people out there that might rock these.

Carlos Falchi Oversized Python Clutch For Ladies

Very tribal vibe with the multi-colored hands showing off their large rings of brightly colored jewel appliques.
Price: $1,510


Shaquille O'Neal's name doesn't seem to have done much for selling his own home but maybe his former rental will have better luck. Shaq finally sold his Miami home after it had been on the market for years getting $2 million less than he paid for it and just about half of his original $32 million asking price. A home that he rented in Paradise Valley, Arizona has gone through a deep price cut too. Both Shaquille O'Neal and Emmitt Smith did each rent this large house for a year. Shaquille O'Neal recently moved out with his family.
The five-bedroom home was built in 2002 and has approximately 8981 square feet of space. The grounds include a pool and there is a master bath that features a tub that might even have been large enough for Shaq. The home is on a two-acre lot and is located near golf courses and restaurants. The listing agent reports that the home was originally offered at $6.5 million but it can now be had for $3.6 million.

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